Should you prepare for a Disaster?

Should I prepare for a disaster or how to prepare for a disaster are a couple of online searches that are getting more and more popular now thanks to some devastating disasters like the earthquake and tsunami and subsequent nuclear reactor problems in Japan. There was the flooding in Australia this past winter and speaking of winter in North America there were record amounts of snow fall all over.

It doesn’t seem to matter where you look or what channel the TV is on there seems to be some natural or manmade disaster happening. The uprising in Egypt and Libya and the constant concerns with Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and other countries in that region. Don’t forget about the volcano erupting in Iceland and the large sink holes appearing out of nowhere all over the world.

I believe strongly that you should prepare for most situations that can happen to you and your loved ones, everything from a long term power outage to something as terrible as a tsunami. To properly prepare for a disaster you must first determine which types of disasters are most likely to happen where you live. If you live in an earthquake region then prepare for the possibility of an earthquake happening. If you live within a couple miles of a coastline you might want to plan an escape route and a meeting place for lost family members in the event of a tsunami.

If you live in a region where tornados happen every year then you should have a plan figured out with your family in the event of a tornado. As scary as it might sound some people have fallout shelters built in case of war or a nuclear attack. It might sound a bit extreme but if a nuclear attack did happen, those people are somewhat prepared to survive.

Some common supplies to have on hand for most disasters is food, water, a heat source, a light source, blankets and pillows, communication devices. If you really do take the time to prepare for a disaster that is most likely to happen close to your home it doesn’t take long to make a list and gather the supplies and when you are done and have a plan you will feel much better even if something does end up happening.

So if you are wondering if you should prepare for a disaster the answer is yes. Be safe.