Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

When your AC starts to act up or doesn’t work at all, you have a big financial decision to make: should you repair your air conditioner or replace it?

Even if you have been great about standard maintenance, including changing air filters regularly, there comes a time when problems inevitably arise, especially if the unit is in its advanced years. So how can you make an informed decision on what the best course of action is?

If any of the following warning signs rear their ugly head, you are likely in the market for a new home air conditioning unit:

Your air conditioner needs attention more and more often. The time between air conditioner repairs is getting shorter. Not a good sign and one of the more telling that your AC may be in its final days, particularly when the repairs become progressively more serious.

Your home temperature doesn’t stay consistent. Extreme temperature fluctuations in your home is another potential sign that it’s time for a new AC. This may include room-to-room inconsistencies, which could be evidence of bad insulation, problems with the air conditioner or duct work, or any combination of these.

Your air conditioner is simply getting old. At some point, time simply runs out on an AC unit. Even if it’s given years of consistent and reliable cooling, it won’t go on forever. Generally speaking, you can expect about 10 years from your air conditioners. After that, you’re on borrowed time.

Replacing an old air conditioner has a number of positives. Sure, you will be spending more money upfront, but you will also avoid the risk of costly expenses that inevitable. Plus, you will see better energy efficiency (which will save money on your monthly electric bill, and better indoor air quality. Not to mention, you will be helping the environment with lower carbon emissions.

Are you still unsure of whether you can get away with a repair rather than the more expensive replacement route? Do some simple math to estimate potential savings and how long it would take for that to pay off. That will give you a clearer picture of what is best for you.