Show Me Mug Shots of Criminals!

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Finding free pictures of people in jail is easy – show me mug shots of criminals! Finding them on your own is super easy and can be done online, in a matter of minutes. Inmate booking photos are posted all over the web, making it one of the easiest ways to find anything online, for free. In this article, I’ll show you the very best ways to find the mug shots of criminals in jail or prison that you’re trying to locate. This truly is super easy to do, if you follow these simple directions.

Online Law Enforcement Sites

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Many local law enforcement agencies have now gone to interactive websites, where you can view the current jail roster. This is done for a number of various reasons, and gives you the opportunity to see the booking pictures of the inmates at the jail. On some sites, you’ll be able to see past incarcerated prisoners, the current roster, the most wanted, and other pictures and mug shots of criminals.

Image Sites

Yahoo and Google images are another great way to get what you’re looking to find. When you say – show me mug shots of criminals – I say, do it yourself, with these sites. This works great for funny pictures, those of the rich and famous celebrities, and even run of the mill local people. Some of the funniest ones are celebrity mug shots. Check them out for yourself and get a good laugh.

Social Sites

Many people like to post their booking photos online, sort of like a badge of honor for being arrested by the police. If you are looking for a specific picture from booking of a person you know, check out their Facebook or MySpace account and see if they have it posted online. It’s a pretty effective way to find them, especially if the person is likely to brag about their run-in with law and being arrested. Give it a try and you’ll likely be pretty surprised by the results and ease of use. You can even print them out at home, if you want.

Use Fee Sites Carefully

There are plenty of websites that show hilarious, funny, and celebrity mug shots online that they will show you. Some are free, but some will charge you a fee to view them. If you want to see them free of charge, your best bet is to use the methods already listed, especially if you’re dealing with simple misdemeanors and not felonies or famous people. Show me mug shots of criminals!

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