Showcase Your Car Collections in a Calendar

Showcasing your hard earned car collections to inspire others or to boost your automotive business is easy if you put all your car photos in a calendar. Especially if you are in the automotive business – then selling commercial cars is your primary intention. Thus it is important that the features of your cars are definitely brought out, as well as an important source of valuable information about them.

Aside from the photos of your cars, you can highlight in the calendar the car specifications such as the make, model, year (if any), car engine, parts and diagrams, and others. Providing a complete description of each car written underneath the photo is a proven persuasive selling technique.

If you are a vintage car collector then your calendar should have pictures of classic cars such as Chevrolet show cars, 1954 Pontiac and 1955 Pontiac Strato Star cars, 1956 Firebird II and Impala show cars, Ford vehicles, classic Buick, Cadillac, Volkswagen, and Plymouth model cars, and others. All of these are very popular card collectibles for gallery or personal collector’s items.

An eye-catching and impressive presentation of cars suited for showing off to the market is the aim of a car calendar. The makeup of these car calendar prints are made for quality presentation of the graphic pictures, or provide detailed information about cars.

Another thing, to effectively bring out the beauty of the automobile, full color calendar printed version of the illustration is a perfect choice. So it is best to let a professional calendar printing company do the job.

Also, aside from focusing on the make, models, motor parts and engine, and other details about the vehicles; it would be a good idea to include the safety information such as the result of the car during a crash test, how much impact it can take, or about air bags and who cannot use it, harness, straps, and lap belts to provide snug and tight fit, and exactly the kind of injury possibly caused; and others.

You might not know it but general safety information helps narrow down customer choices more effectively than graphic vehicle pictures alone can do.
Loading a full combination of quality full color-printed vehicle photos, along with pertinent car information, and general car safety information, all together in your car brochure, you have the most effective car selling paraphernalia possible.

And definitely more useful in displaying your cars’ whole compact features compared to other direct mail marketing and advertising campaign materials.