Sign up for a Flickr account to streamline pictures to use on your articles

Sign up for a Flickr account to streamline pictures to use on your articles because I haven’t been able to obtain permission from three members. I decided to follow PatriceWalker’s instructions on properly gain access to photos on Flickr for commercial use. One of the steps the article states is to send a Flickr email to ask the member for the privilege to use a certain photo. Two messages were sent by me on October 30, 2011. My third message was sent on November 25, 2011.

It is possible to spend some precious time on your computer just to search for pictures on Flickr. If you decide to take a photo by yourself for you to use, you will spend some time to do it when you’re away from your computer. After you upload your pictures to your Flickr account, you are ready to insert images onto your articles. That definitely shouldn’t take awhile to do since you already know where the image is at. It won’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the website, especially the part involving which license agreement you want to accept for your own images.

An imaginative solution to have easy access to thousands of pictures on Flickr is gather a group of friends who write articles on Seekyt to also have an account on the photo sharing website. Then they agree to let you use their pictures without asking permission to use any of them.

For the record, anyone who will use my photo(s) on their Seekyt articles may do so without asking me.

My username at Flickr is LookAfterYourself.

Since I only desire to just have a free account with Flickr, it may be helpful to tell me which photos you’re using. I just want to take precautions in case I delete unpopular ones in favor of placing up requested photos. I don’t want to omit the pictures that are being used.

Let me know what pictures of certain objects that you need that I might be able to take for you. I live in a big city, so I won’t be able to take pictures of rural-related objects.

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