Significance and Benefits of Responsive Website for Your Business

Today, more than 50 percent people are accessing websites from their mobile devices like Smartphone’s, tablets, etc., but there are lots of companies that are not taking benefits of this opportunity. If your business site is not mobile-friendly or responsive, you are losing business or customers. With a mobile friendly website, your business site will be open on any device, whether it is a Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

• On average 30% of your web traffic is coming from mobile. Everyone requires providing for their mobile traffic as it is set to hit 45% by the end of 2014 or beginning of the year 2015.
• Google suggests it as it says that it can discover your web content more easily, in addition to that they like that mobile and desktop content are coming from one site and have the same URL on every device.
• Higher chance of producing business leads. The better the user-experience on mobile phones, the more users will engage with your site.

Your business site is an important tool for both generating sales and branding. When people find a web page from your site in search engine results and click on the site link, then they want to access the page easily and get the information they are looking for immediately. But, if the page in the online search cannot be seen on the devices, then mobile users wind up being redirected to your homepage as well as never get to the specific page they really wanted. In addition, if you have a business blog, then you want users to be able to read this blog on their mobile device as well, which only possible if your website( is responsive.

Benefits of Responsive Websites

• You will save both your valuable time and money by maintaining a single website
• You will get higher search rankings and acquire better analytics
• Your conversions will boost since visitors are more likely to take action with the best user experience
• You will surely stay ahead of your business competitors

Google estimates that more than 90% of users exchange between their different mobile devices in order to complete an online goal like making a pay for. Obviously, companies that offer the most flawless online experience across all platforms will be able to create more engagement with more positive brand sentiment and finally more online business sales and leads. The capability of your site to look attractive and remain easy to use on any size screen is very vital, since lots of consumers are using mobile devices today. Websites with responsive website design look best on desktop, computer and laptops a, but they also adapt flawlessly to the small screens of devices with no more annoying zooming and scrolling required.