Significance of space clearing in fengshui

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Importance of Space Clearing in Feng Shui and cleansing procedure

Space clearing is significant in Feng Shui in the sense that by cleansing the dirt and clutters one ensures the existence of positive energy and throwing away the negative force from the house. If the free flow of chi is blocked it will be seen in the lives and behaviors of the family members who shall be in a pressurized condition reflecting tiredness and depression. The personal and professional life will be hampered if there is any negativity stored at home and will affect health, happiness and relationship among family members.

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So following the Feng Shui the first important thing to be done is to clear the space for bringing harmony in life.

It is very essential to remove the stagnancy from your house and therefore space clearing is necessary especially at some occasions that need cleaning the area for a fresh start. Some of them are:

Significance of space clearing in fengshui, Seekyt When you shift to a new place or home or office it becomes important to keep in mind that it is altogether a new start and so clear off the clutter that may have been left by the previous residents and keep the house clean and tidy to allow the fresh energy enter into your place. When you move to a renovated place this same thing goes for that too. When there is any problem related to health issues or family relationship or if there exists any kind of anxiety and mental stress you need to welcome the chi to move away all these negative aspects by cleansing the space. If the rooms are not used or lived in for a long time the first thing you should do is to make the rooms clean. After some special events like marriage ceremony, birthday celebration or significant incidents like death of someone close sweep the clutters and dust from the place well to give rise to positivity. When you are feeling helpless or stressed out and cannot find a way out to move on in life and want to make a refreshing start with a reenergized stamina whether it is in your personal life or profession the space clearing ceremony is useful to serve the purpose. Space clearing is also helpful when you are going to sell your house and build a new commercial building.

Space clearing is initiated by cleaning the entire house by washing, sweeping, vacuuming and whatever necessary for the purpose. The four Feng Shui elements water, earth, fire and air should be brought to the new place after getting cleared. All these cleaning process uplift the harmonious energy in the house. If any broken pieces or unused objects are left at any corner of any room remove those stuffs but in a smooth way because the same item that may appear to you as garbage may be a very dear one or something sensitive to somebody else. The ideal place for old newspapers or magazines is the recycler now. Space clearing ceremony can be done by a professional Feng Shui consultant and the process may take hardly 1-2 hours to get completed. The same process can be done by yourself by some steps. You should first sprinkle salt around the room moving in an anti-clockwise direction and leave the salt for at least 24 hours so that it can attract, absorb and remove all the stagnant forces from every corner of the room. After that wash it off by mopping the floor thoroughly and encourage the fresh air enter the room by keeping the windows and doors open. Put a Tingsha bell and let the smoke cover the room by fanning it. Get the ash out after putting off the fan. Once all the process is done take a fresh bath and add some sea salt into the bath water.

In order to keep up the calm and peaceful atmosphere for raising harmonious energy you can bring and put nice and pleasing stuffs on your table top. You can also keep a family photograph or something like that at the room that reminds you of the strong bonding. Organise everything and arrange some candles, flowers, plants to maintain the positive flow of energythroughout your room after cleaning off all the clutters.

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Significance of space clearing in fengshui, Seekyt
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