Significance of various vitamins and minerals

Remember that supplements are not an alternative or replacement of food. They complete your diet. Few people consider them as a diet itself. They are under the biggest misconception of taking their pill instead of their plates! Various doctors and experts say that taking supplements with food is a great idea to boost your energy and stay fit. These food supplements come with various vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, vitamin A, B, C, D etc. each having its own important and significance.

Folic acid

Due to the property of being water soluble, body needs a regular supply of it. They are required to build red blood cells and DNA. With the help of folic acid only any changes in DNA are prevented as it may lead to cancer. You can eat fruits and leafy vegetables in order to maintain the proper amount of folic acid in the body. If you are not able to do that then there are various supplements available of orthomol immune which will help you in marinating the adequate levels in your body.

The main function of iron is to carry oxygen in the body; the deficiency of it will lead to anemia. You can surely have apples as they are very rich in iron content.

Vitamin A
It boosts immunity in the body preventing it from various types of infections and diseases. If vitamin A is taken in proper amount then it will ensure good vision and healthy skin. You can get vitamin A from animal as well as plant food though body absorbs more from the animal food as compared to the latter.

It not only makes our teeth and bones strong but also helps in contraction and expansion of blood vessels which sends messages through nervous system to the different hormones and enzymes.

Being a child almost everyone has read “proteins are the main building blocks of the body” in their science classes. Protein rich diet consists of fish, egg, nuts etc. it is mostly used to recover body from the regular exercise and helps muscles to repair in a very efficient way.

Thus you can see how deeply the body requires these vitamins and minerals in order to make it work smoothly. If you are not getting it in your diet then do consider your doctor before taking any food supplements.