Signs and Symptoms of Candida in Men – Causes and Treatment

If you want to know about Sign and Symptoms of Candida in men please read this article to get more info. For commons Candida sign and symptoms in men can be puzzle with the other conditions so please always consult with your doctor for a proper diagnosis. Here, you will find the signs of the most common of the Candida in men, also the causes and your treatment options.

The most common signs and symptoms of Candida known to man:

  1. Glands red / inflamed and swollen
  2. Itching serious
  3. Burning sensation
  4. Pain when urinating
  5. Sex feels painful
  6. Difficulty having sex
  7. Fatigue is constantly
  8. Muscle stiffness and pain

The causes the signs and symptoms of Candida

A yeast-like fungus called Candida albicans are common causes of Candida in men and women which occurs naturally in the bodies. Good bacterial in our body continues take care of that, so its usually does not cause us the problems.

signs and symptoms of Candida

But if your “friendly” bacteria numbers are not sufficient to do this effectively, Candida albicans can overgrow and can causing Candida infection. It is Candidiasis or also known as a yeast infection.

The trigger for this is things like diabetes, lowered immune system, stress, excessive antibiotics, steroids excessively, poor nutrition, medication, medical conditions such as cancer and HIV / AIDS, although sex is not ‘the cause’ but it can ‘give’ the infection, etc.

Available Treatment for Candida

Normal treatment medications based of drugs can be applied to the affected area. Depending on the location of the infection, this takes the form of liquid like creams or lotions.

This can work quite well in relieving the symptoms of Candida, but many men and women found that infection may take some time to clean up, or, they clear only to return once again. This is called Candidacies or recurring Candida and known as recurrent yeast infections.

It is estimated that this happens because the drugs treat symptoms but not the root cause, and, fungi may become immune to the drug. The result is a terrible recurring infection that seems hard and difficult to eliminate.

Alternative Cure for Candida

More and a lot of men and women with Candida infection who choose completely natural home remedies are with no flaws and cost-based drugs. This takes the form of things like natural supplements or herbal remedies and much more, including knowing what’s on the lifestyle nowadays.

There are hundreds out there that you should explore, try and investigate. In time all your hard work will be well rewarded if you get rid of your Candida infection for good, like people all over the world have discovered.