News Signs and Symptoms of Mesothelioma

Signs and Symptoms of Mesothelioma


There are some cancers that just about anyone can get. There are others that require exposure to certain substances in order to contract. Mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that affects the mesothelial linings of your internal organs, is one of those cancers that have certain conditions before a person can contract them. What are they? Keep reading for more information.

How a Person Contracts Mesothelioma

There is only one way that a person can develop this type of cancer. It is through prolonged exposure to asbestos. Prolonged exposure is exposure that happens every day for years on end. So if you have asbestos in your attic, and you go up there one time to replace a light bulb, you likely will not develop this cancer. However, if you worked at a chemical plant, oil refinery, metal facility, or a similar industry, there is a chance that you were exposed to asbestos every day. Now, 20 to 40 years later, you are showing the symptoms of mesothelioma.

Symptoms of Mesothelioma

There are several different kinds of mesothelioma, including pleural, peritoneal, and pericardial, each one affects a different area of the body. However, pleural mesothelioma (mesothelioma of the chest) is the most common type, and the symptoms do overlap a little bit.

If you show these signs, you may have mesothelioma and you are encouraged to get checked out further by a doctor:

• Shortness of Breath – Mesothelioma almost always begins in the lungs
• Fluid in the Lungs
• Cough
• Fever
• Excessive Sweating
• Pain in the Lower Back
• Fatigue
• Unexpected Weight Loss

While these may be the symptoms of other illnesses or diseases, there is a good chance that if you are experiencing them, then you are suffering from mesothelioma.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

The only way to develop mesothelioma is to have prolonged exposure to asbestos. This happens almost exclusively on the job. If you have been diagnosed with this rare form of cancer, then you have sustained a workplace injury, and your employer (or more likely your former employer) must pay for your medical expenses. Contact a personal injury attorney today to schedule your free case review and get the process started to get your compensation.

Signs and Symptoms of Mesothelioma
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