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Identifying the Signs of Postpartum Depression

Do you think it is unusual to feel terribly upset and distressed after childbirth? No, it isn’t! Though you had difficult times during pregnancy, but it was still better. Sleepless nights, unending replacement of nappies, and nursing leaves you totally exhausted. To add fuel to fire, you have hormonal changes and breastfeeding troubles in the initial months post-delivery. No wonder you feel completely drained-out and depressed. Experts say that not only you, but 80% moms face childbirth blues also known as a serious struggle with postpartum depression or post pregnancy depression. It has been observed that it affects more during the winter season because of chemical changes and shorter days.

Unraveling the Signs of Postpartum Depression, Testing and Phobias

Researchers have worked extensively on this problem and discovered strange facts about it. According to the latest results women who have a phobia of childbirth are three times more likely to suffer from postpartum depression. If there is a history of psychological disorders, then the percentage increases further. The new study gives more information about PPD and help in understanding it prior to childbirth. Simple tests can be carried out to reveal the phobia. Doctors can counsel the mother prior to delivery and handle the situation effectively.

Symptoms of PPD

Frustration and sadness are the most common symptoms. Newborn babies are quite delicate, and mothers need to take good care of them. Mothers face difficulty in doing the same during post birth stress. They experience mood swings and signs of depression.

How to tackle the issue?

Reinforce the belief that you are not the only person in the world facing pregnancy blues. There are so many women across the globe facing the similar difficulties. Do some simple tricks: •

Consult your Physician about Your Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Call the doc and explain your feelings without shame or reservation. This is a very common experience, to varying degrees, and your physician can point you to the right direction for treatment including medication or a referral to a psychologist or therapist, or both.

  • Call the mom:

When you are in trouble, call your mom (or anyone you trust) for help. There is nothing wrong in sharing the feelings with others. Seek their help and resolve the issue. It is good for you and your baby.

  • Talk to friends:

If you are not in a position to call anyone in the family, then seek help from friends/colleagues. However, you must be sure about the reliability and genuineness. You will be amazed to know that the majority of them has experienced the same.

  • Do not ignore your health:

You are not alone now. Hence, do not stress and tax your body. Relax and enjoy motherhood. Ignore minor problems and appreciate the new life. Rest when the baby sleeps, enjoy music or watch television. Do whatever makes you happy.

Sometimes mothers are hesitant to talk about it. Sometimes they are just unable to sense the problem. Hence, doctors advise to consult immediately in case of the slightest symptoms to ensure good parenting. Early diagnosis resolves the issue immediately. It is good for the health of mother and the little ones.

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