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Signs That it is Time for New Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the best accessories you can invest in. Not only is it beautiful, it will also help you pull an entire outfit together while personalizing your look. Jewelry gives women the opportunity to add individuality and versatility to every piece of clothing. Jewelry is more popular than ever now and there are so many new trends to keep up with. Can you use the same jewelry that you have been wearing for the past 20 years or is it time for a clean slate? Here are 7 signs that it is time for new jewelry in your collection!

If you do not have jewelry with color

If you do not own jewelry that has some color, then it is definitely time for some new jewelry. It is important to have some jewelry with pops of color. For example, statement necklaces can take your look over the top. It will take a neutral colored outfit and add the perfect complementary colors and make your whole outfit stand out.

When your jewelry no longer adds value to your outfit

Jewelry should make your outfit come together. Once you are dressed and have applied your jewelry, if it is not taking your look to the next level, then it is only bringing your look down. You want to have jewelry that adds value to each outfit you pair it with.

When your jewelry is not proportional to your body

Nothing is worse than wearing jewelry that does not look proportional to your body. The length of a necklace and size of earrings or a bracelet are two things you really need to be careful of when purchasing jewelry. It is vital that you find pieces that do not make you appear stumpy or like you are being overpowered by your jewelry. If you do not have long arms already, then you do not want to buy a cuff bracelet that is too wide. Instead, try a thin bangle to elongate your arm.

When your jewelry does not complement you

Just like with clothing, it is important that the jewelry colors you wear complement your skin tone. Find out what undertones your skin has and experiment with different jewelry to find which looks best. Someone that has a lot of reddish undertones in their skin will not look as good with rose jewelry as they would with silver or platinum. If you notice that your jewelry is not bringing out the beautiful undertones of your skin color, then it is time for some new jewelry. It will be life changing!

When your jewelry is not versatile

You do not want to have one necklace and one bracelet for each individual outfit you own. Buy a variety of beautiful pieces that can be worn with a number of outfits and that look great with each one. You want the jewelry to make your look fresh, fun, and exciting. It is all about making your overall look more finished and sophisticated.

If all of your jewelry is the same color

Purchasing all of your jewelry the same color or all in the same color family is totally outdated. There is a new trend and it is called mixing metals. Mixing metals adds depth to your look and makes your entire outfit more interesting. It is fun, trendy, and easy to do. It can dress your look up or dress it down. Mixing metals will give you a lot more options when you are accessorizing and will give you the opportunity to wear more of your jewelry more often all while looking fabulous!

Anna Donato is a fashion blogger who lives in Palm Coast, Florida. She is a skilled writer with diverse interests and a keen attention to detail. If you are looking for affordable, high-quality jewlery to add to your collection, she highly recommends that you visit Morana. To learn more about Anna, visit her on Google+.

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