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Signs That Tell You Need a New Furnace

Fall is fast approaching which brings along winter temperatures not far behind it. Before the temperatures get too cold, it’s time to consider your furnace replacement needs. There are several ways to tell if your furnace repair is going to do the trick or if you need to go ahead and replace the unit itself.


By learning these signs to look for, you’ll be prepared and ready when the need arises to replace your furnace. Take a few minutes and see if any of these signs fit your furnace right now.


Age of Furnace

Consider how old your current furnace is right now. If it’s more than 15 years old, you need to get ready to replace it. While it may be working in tip top shape, you may notice other things going on with different areas of the furnace. After about 15 years, the units themselves usually give other signs than just going out completely.


Power Bill Rising

While the unit may work great, you may notice your power bill is going up considerably each winter. When you see a rise in your bill it means your unit itself is using more energy than it has been in the past. That costs you money in the long run and your newer unit will save you that and so much more.


Noisy Unit

Is your furnace making a lot of different noises or more than usual? This can be a sign it’s time to replace your current unit. You can always have your local heating service technicians come out to inspect it to ensure it’s not something easily fixed. Combining the age, rising cost to run, and noises, that might be the sign it’s ready for a new unit.


Increasing Furnace Repairs

Do you notice yourself calling your local HVAC technician for furnace repairs more and more frequently? It is time to consider replacing your unit. If you’ve had to have someone come out to repair more often than not in the past two years, you need an updated system. This will save you money in the long run as repairs can get quite costly and can only fix the problem for a very short time.


Inconsistent Heating

When you move from room to room, pay attention to the temperatures that you notice in each room. A furnace that is going out will have inconsistent temperatures in different rooms as it can’t quite do the job it once did. Your thermostat may have a hard time keeping up as well if the furnace is not running smoothly.


Yellow Flame

Your flame on the unit should be blue at all times. If you notice a yellow flame instead, this could mean your unit is putting out carbon monoxide. You may also notice soot around your registers in the home which could be another indication of carbon monoxide being leaked. This is a dangerous situation and should not be left unchecked.


Take a look at this previous list and see how many signs you have noticed around your home lately. If you notice that furnace maintenance is not helping your current system, it’s time to replace it. Talk with your local HVAC contractor to see what units are available and which would work best in your home. You’ll not only have peace of mind that your family is safe and warm, you’ll also love the benefits of reducing energy consumption, power bill costs, and the costs of repairing your current unit. Consider your furnace replacement needs today and see how quickly you can be efficiently heating your home and protecting your family.


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