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Silk Top Lace Wigs- give you a charming and gorgeous look with elegant hair styles

False hairs or a wig is perfect to add elegance in your look each time when you go for a formal or semi-formal event. As a head covering agent, these are most popular among people for fashion purposes, cultural tradition or religious observance. These are also ideal for people who are suffering from any medical disease and loss their hair due to their illness such as cancer patient. Those people can wear these false hairs on regular basis to get a new and gorgeous looking hair style even if they are losing their hairs. These hair covering products have shiny and smooth appearance with soft and smooth finishing. Furthermore, they are designed in a variety of textures such as straight, curl and natural straight etc so you can choose as per you face cut and personality. They cover your whole hairs efficiently with beautiful looking hair style in a specific hair style and add an attractive appearance in your personality.

Silk Top Lace Wigs is a type of hair covering agent that do not use glue to fix them on head. Besides, they use a silk strap on the top to adjust them on head and are made from 100 % original Remy hairs. They provide you an opportunity to have an elegant hair style each time in different occasions such as weddings, birthdays, festival etc to get praise of all the others. silk lace wigs are available with length options ranging from short hairs to long hairs cut in a unique hair style.

Pros and Cons of Silk Top Lace Wigs

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a hair covering agent are-


• These false hairs are available in a variety of textures, colors and hair styles so you can try a new one at each time.
• They consist of a silk strap as well as a bleached knot that cover whole head from the nape to the ear. This strap is adjustable and fit by using some clips and comb.
• By using these wigs, it looks like hairs are growing-up from the original scalp.
• These are designed with a natural looking hair lines.
• They hairs are made from original hairs with less shedding
• With more air permeability, these hair covering agents are easy and comfortable to put-up
• They are durable and work for a long period of time without losing their original softness and luster


With various advantages, there are some disadvantages of using these silk top false hairs-

• These are available with limited ability to part them as they can only be parted from the place where the silk top is.
• These are more expensive to give you hairs with durability, high quality and longer life.

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