Silver All the Way

All that is bright and beautiful can be found in nature, architecture, art and jewellery. After all the awe and fascination that gold ornaments have earned for centuries, let’s take a peek into the status of yet another glamorous catch, silver jewellery! The qualities of silver might take you by surprise.

If all that shines is not gold, it well could be silver! Not long after the discovery of gold, silver showed itself to the world, and ever since this glorious gift has been used for purposes galore. After all, how often does man stumble upon a soft shiny metal with good looks, medicinal properties and a compatible ingredient that doesn’t behave badly when mixed with other materials?

This second-to-gold lustrous metal has been held in high stead since ancient times. Right from the Egyptians to the Mesopotamians and Greeks – most silver jewellery, coins, utensils and medicine too contained the right amount of this noble metal.

There has been a recent rise in the demand for silver jewellery to cater to the ever evolving tastes in mixing and matching accessories. Much better than gold, silver jewellery compliments a variety of colors and prints in fabric and is particularly perfect for the Asian complexion.

Men, more than women prefer silver jewellery to gold especially the ‘college going youth’ and their pick is quite justified in the swag appeal they bring to street fashion. Rings, bracelets and chains be it thick or thin, stand out when worn with synthetic jerseys, jeans or basic casuals. Gifting silver jewellery is quite a fad and it’s affordability and availability make it a good choice for many.

Silver has healing and disinfectant properties. Most grandparents might tell their grandchildren how they were fed with silver spoons. A startling fact is that silver coins placed in water carrying containers also help kill bacteria and keep it clean for many days.

The most sold silver jewellery today is ‘Sterling silver’. To prevent the delicate metal from breaking, silver is mostly used as an alloy with other metals like copper. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and your best bet for an ideal jewellery purchase.