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Simple Approach For Successful Task Management

Irrespective of our motivation,it is always a good thing to approach our task with some strategies. Once you have caught yourself in making some excuses to delay the job or avoid it with certain degree of fear for failure, then it is quite clearly the time to begin the behavioral approach of facing the task. Many of the techniques might be something not new for you or you might have a bad opinion on them thinking that it wont work for you.

The important aspect here is putting it together and making it a team work of different techniques used by you. It is all about the entire package that can really work for you in a positive manner.Self evaluation becomes a crucial approach here. You have to be organizationally oriented enough to evaluate yourself and decide what is best for you.

Estimating Time and Trouble

Very often, our procrastination has something to do with the time we estimate for a particular task. Over Estimation as well as under estimation can create certain problems as a result of which we start to think differently on our ability to complete the work. Over Estimation increases our anxiety which disturbs the entire concentration process and can yield stress at times. Under Estimation creates a stressful situation when the deadline nears.

Some tips to estimate the time for a task

  1. Compare the task to be completed with that of a completed one. Try to analyze the time you take in doing such tasks.
  2. Ask your friends or other people who have already completed such tasks. Experience always helps in assisting others.
  3. Its very important that you keep a record of the time you take to complete the task.You can later use them to schedule and plan with more success.
  4. I just use the ms excel sheet in my laptop to analyze the time taken and matching it with the deadline i have set for myself. It helps in understanding the value of work done.

Small Partnerships

This is one of the technique that can massively help you in not delaying the things in a very practical and effective manner. All we have to understand here is why do we delay from doing a particular task? The answer is very simple and straightforward, Displeasure and avoidance. When the work is very small or micro in nature, the displeasure and the avoidance behavior that can be generated is also very less.

If the task is broken down, it can be delved in more effectively. You have to be careful that you break it into small and discrete steps which you can deal with more diligently. We all know that almost any task can be made into a task with several steps to climb.This approach can be very effective if done properly. As soon as you experience some delay in one of the steps you have made, try to make more sub steps for that particular step. It is all about dealing with the displeasure we associate with our work.


You might have experienced reminding yourself with some strange methods in your childhood days like having a knock in your head for remembering certain things. Actually that is not a bad advice or habit. Certain kind of signals have always made a great impact in our behavior and integral habits. It is very much possible to have our own signals for behavior. If we delay our task because of our low consciousness, then reminders become a necessary component of our plan.

Listing Down with numbers

Listing becomes a natural thing to organize all the tasks into something that can show a increase in our performance. Try to list down things in a piece of paper with numbers so that you can analyze the time required and taken by you for different steps. Never ask or try to fool yourselves with questions of rigidity. You are doing it better yourself and there is nothing that can stop you from doing it if you don’t allow it to. So deciding the time frame is very important to list down the things can complete your task.Remember, Listing is not a weekly or monthly process, it is a daily process. So make it essential to break the habit of postponements.

Best Time

Various research works have proved that we have a life cycle with our rhythms reaching the zenith points at certain time. Most people are sluggish around 2 in the afternoon and very active around 5 in the evening. So it is essential to find out the energetic period of your daily life and make use of them in a better manner. The reverse idea is also practically true, Use the least effective periods for normal routine works in your life.

The way you organize your place

Your task has a dimension to your place. It will definitely have a bigger influence on the outcome of the goal.The objective of organizing a place should be of making the job easier.Proper selection and setting up of your work place can yield a better result with even less effort.

Self Monitoring

Finally, the records that you hold for yourself matters a lot.Self-Monitoring involves the record that you keep for bringing a change in the behavioral process.When procrastination occurs, Records is a must. If you feel that you are delaying things because of the stress or lack of relaxation, then go through this article that can help in you handling stress more effectively,Managing stress and forgetting your worries.

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