Simple Float Ideas for a Parade

There are hundreds of simple float ideas for parades that you can use. If you have ever participated in a parade, you will know that they can be fun and time-consuming. It is interesting to enjoy the crowd’s adulation as a sort of reward for all your hard work preparing your float for the parade. For those who might be new to parades, it can be difficult to find simple float ideas to use. That is because preparing your float can be expensive and protracted. You need to be creative if you want something affordable that will also be easy to put together.

If you are a starter and you are looking for simple float ideas for a parade, the best thing to look into is buying Styrofoam letters and numbers. They are inexpensive and for little under $10 you can get a few sets. Of course the size and the amount of words you plan to build will influence the amount you will have to pay. The great thing about using Styrofoam is that they can be easily shaped and painted. This is a quick way to start and you will you begin to see your float take shape. Another great thing about Styrofoam is that you can attach flowers to them to enhance your design.

Another simple idea for float parade is using balloons. Some people buy chicken wires that are slightly stretched on which they attach their balloons and create interesting designs. As simple as this might appear to be, you need to bear in mind that you will need a lot of little hands to help you pull things together. Creating a float for a parade is a lot of work that requires patience and time. Attaching the balloons to the wire can help create lively designs.

Some people also use Styrofoam to sculpture a statue. This is easy because you don’t need any special tool to cut through the Styrofoam and get the desired shape. It is also easy to attach multiple Styrofoam’s together through the use of metal or wooden pins.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of designing your own Styrofoam statue, you can buy them from specialized shops. This is great as it will leave you more time to focus on the things you are good at. If the Styrofoam statue is too expensive, it is possible to rent one for your parade. If you want to get an idea of some of the sculptures possible with foams, you can go to various websites.