Simple Halloween Costume Ideas For Last Minute Preparations

Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween has become an all time tradition however due to hectic work schedules some parents search for simple Halloween costume ideas for last minute preparations. This is inevitable since this event is mostly remarkable only for kids. With so many things to do at work, there are instances that this type of special occasions is unanticipated. With that being said, here are some ideas for Halloween costumes that you may want to create for your kids.

The Robot

Most kids love the idea of robots. No need to worry since this type of costume is affordable, easy to complete and very attractive. Materials you’ll need are aluminum foil, cardboard boxes, old magazines, spray paints, dryer hose and other crafting materials such as cutter, glue and scissors.

In doing this, you need to obtain your child’s measurements by letting him wear the box and create holes for his arms and neck. Once you’ve made the holes, spray some silver spray paint in it. Afterwards, decorate the center of the box with control panel style by using some old magazine cut-outs. You can also use colored paper for uniformity. For the robot head, you can use a helmet or hat and cover it with aluminum foil. You can decorate the helmet with buttons for additional aesthetic appeal. As for the robot’s arms, again cover it by using aluminum foil. And that completes one of the simple Halloween costume ideas for last minute preparations.

The Spider

Halloween is not complete without a creepy crawler costume. Another example in the list of simple Halloween costume ideas is the spider outfit. All materials you’ll need should be in black. These materials are long sleeve shirts, stocking cap, duct tape, socks, plastic bags and yarn. In addition to that, you will also need scissors, glue and colored papers preferably black and white for the spider eyes.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to create the spider legs. Typically, a spider has eight legs, but for this outfit you will only make four legs. In doing this, you have to fill the four socks with plastic bags. Afterwards, sew these socks under the sleeves of the shirt and roll some duct tape to create a knot appearance and for added support. For the head, use the stocking cap and glue 8 circular eyes around the forehead area.

Where to find more Halloween costume ideas?

For more costume ideas, you can check several websites. Each of them provides a step by step procedure in creating costumes. Furthermore, you can also view images. Through this, you will be able to choose which is appropriate for your kids and if you are doing the right procedures. With these ideas, you don’t have to purchase ready-made costumes and waste money. An added benefit is that you can bond with your kids while creating these costumes. All you need to do is to have fun to bring out the creativity in you and your kid.

Some of the recommended websites are and You can also watch videos on for step by step demonstrations. With that being said, your last minute costume hunting problems are solved through these simple Halloween costume ideas.