Simple strategies, tricks, ways, tips and methods to increase adsense revenue

If you are new to seekyt, then start reading the advantages of writing here and make money by signing up for a new account. Many of us and organizations are trying to increase their income potential. Here we are at seekyt to earn adsense revenue for writing articles.

Well here are some small tips, methods and ways to increase adsense revenue and earnings.

1. If you are a blogger then follow the instructions as per adsense heat map and follow the same. If you want to earn revenue, then you have to take care of the appearance of the content and appearance of the ads. Always justify your text to center allignment so that the user feels good. Also take care of the color of the text and links in rectangular ads if they are textual. A better combination is ‘black and red’ or ‘black and blue’.

2. Now these are the methods to be followed by the publishers like me. Generally we do not have any website for doing the things. But there are people earning thousands of dollars through sub domain blogs like blogspot and through revenue sharing sites. Yes here are the ways through which you can make 1000$ a month with the program without a website.

3. There are many sites like infobarrel, hubpages, seekyt and others that allow the writers to publish the content. Choose one wisely. In my case I chose seekyt and hubpages. Hubs do not pay great but earn revenue for every impression. It is a secondary one and I backlink them to seekyt.

4. Choose bookmarking sites like flixya, yousaytoo( they pay for blogs. You can write short stories with unique title and the admin allows you for doing it), infopirate, snipsly, xomba, best reviewer, karmallynx for bookmarking articles. They pay you and at the same time will bring traffic to you.

5. Use question and answer sites like webanswers, answerspay. Solve the users problem and place the link. Do not place excess links and if you do it, you will be banned.

6. This is the most important one. But I mentioned it last to get attention. Keyword research brings you the effective results. Hope you enjoyed this article. Please give your valuable feedback, suggestions and adittional information to be added in the form of comments. If you find this useful and informative, then please do me a favor by sharing it. You can also earn money by bookmarking the same mentioned in #4.

Thank you all for your valuable time. Wishing you all the best- yours RAKESH