imageCoffee is quite a popular drink in the world today that it is believed it ranks next to water in popularity. All around the world, everyone just loves to have a good cup of coffee that it is estimated that about 400 billion cups of coffee are drunk annually worldwide. Coffee is quite an affordable cup and most coffee lovers find themselves taking about two cups of coffee each day.Particularly for those with busy schedules and those who just take off some time to relax alone, with friends, family, co workers, drinking espresso has become a common thing, a way of life.

This heavenly brew comes from coffee beans which are gotten from evergreen trees that grow all over the world with a large concentration of them in Indonesia, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Hawaii.The word espresso takes roots from an Italian word meaning fast but in reality, the process involved in getting an espresso made is quite a long one.The first step in making a good espresso is finding good variety of grounded coffee. A good espresso maker also yields a heavenly cup of espresso and a good espresso can be determined from just the aroma alone.

Investing in a god coffee machine is a must for serious coffee drinkers. Espresso machines come in various designs, styles, brands and prices. Get a good espresso maker that is reasonably priced. It is quite important to allow the espresso machine to heat properly when making espresso. Food companies that take fast espresso orders do not turn off their espresso machines to keep it heated up properly for every espresso that is ordered.

Pay close attention to the type of grinder being used. Use conical burr grinders instead of flat burr grinders because conical burr grinders grind up the beans without heating them up and the coffee beans still retain their aroma.Choose your coffee beans well and use only water that has been filtered to make your espresso because the mineral content in water can affect the taste of espresso and you do not want that to happen and spoil the taste.

Do not store your ground coffee in the fridge or freezer, instead , store them in an airtight container and place in a dark and cool area. When buying coffee, buy only what you can consume quickly because coffee aroma is at its best in the first month after it is roasted.

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