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Simply The Fact – Why Ready Mix Concrete Is The Future Of Concrete Industry

Ready mix concrete is a specialized concrete made using cement, aggregate and other raw materials at a central batch plant or in a volumetric truck mixer while in transit. The mixture is prepared fresh and then delivered to the construction site in ready-to-lay condition.

The transit mixers used for preparing ready mix concrete are capable of creating a mix exactly in line with your, customer’s, project specifications just before its delivery at the construction site. And thus, the precise concrete mix is guaranteed.

The alternative way is to order concrete mixed at a batching plant or factory. The concrete manufacturing companies are well-equipped with trucks that maintain the correct phase of the mix during transit. In this case, a drum mixer mounted on the truck stores and rotates the mix to prevent concrete from stiffening and segregation.

Typically, the application of ready mix is facilitated through a truck mounted with a concrete pump. There are various types of concrete pumps available out there to reach any heighten or grounded area. Today, the batching plants are completely computerized both in mixing and batching. And it is this advanced batch plants that ensure correct precision of the concrete mix.

However, in addition to precise mix, there are plenty of other reasons why ready mixed concrete is far superior and popular than concrete onsite mixing. Read on folks.

Choosing Concrete Mix Makes Construction Easier and Faster

The primary advantage offered by concrete mix is the convenience. With many centrally located plants armed with a wide fleet of trucks ready to deliver freshly made concrete mix at a number of construction sites sounds a great option.

The use of ready mix concrete is also a perfect choice for construction sites with restricted space or access. Choosing Ready mix, you will relish in consistent quality and enhanced safety at the job site. It also promotes faster construction with its programmed delivery and ready-to-lay mixture.

Use of ready to use concrete also helps to cut down on various costs involving labour, site supervising, and material storage. The time you save in construction project will in turn save you a good amount in the long run.

Ready mix concrete assures improved site control and economic use of raw materials further reducing the use of natural resources. This avant-garde concrete product help eliminate the wastage at job site due to bulk handling. And you need not to mix it on the construction site, so there is no dust problem making it a greener alternative for the construction industry.

Some Other Major Advantages Includes

  • Higher durability,
  • Uniform and precise quality,
  • Ease of making speciality mixers,
  • Noise reduction
  • Dust-free sites
  • Improved organization
  • Control of work sites
  • Reduced construction cost
  • Availability of concrete mix of any grade
  • Environment-friendly mix that lowers carbon footprint

What’s More

The popularity of ready mix concrete has increased exponentially in the last two decades. There may be very few sites or construction companies who have not resorted to it yet. Whether it is a small household project or a large-scale commercial construction, ready mix fits as the best choice for all your construction needs.

Having said that, there won’t be any hype saying ready mix concrete shapes up the future of the construction industry.

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