Sims 3 Late Night Reviewed

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The Sims 3 Late Night takes your lovable Sims to the big city. This latest expansion to the storied Sims franchise introduces a number of intriguing new game-play options, the most outlandish being the addition of Sim vampires which are an undeniable play to incorporate the Twilight fans into the Sims franchise. But this is not the only enticing feature. Celebrities, bands, and skyscrapers add depth and a new level to the Sims 3 experience. While the new expansion pack is not groundbreaking, it does provide memorable new game-play options. Overall, EA Games does not disappoint. Expansion packs for the Sims 3 can sometimes be a hit or miss affair. Fortunately, The Sims 3 Late Night delivers excellent value as an addition to your Sims 3 collection.

The New Features

Celebrities: The new features list is impressive in Late Night. Celebrities are perhaps the most intriguing for those Sims looking to live the life of the rich and the famous. They are set apart from other ordinary Sims by the plethora of paparazzi following their every move and snapping off photos regardless of how convenient it is for the Sim celebrity. The benefits of celebrity status include discounted products, admission to the most exclusive clubs, and enhanced social options such as providing autographs to avid Sim fans. Celebrities are denoted by a system of stars, with a possible total of five stars being given to the George Clooney’s of the Sim world.

Musical Bands: This feature is arguably the most fun addition. Your Sims now have whole new skill sets to perfect ranging from the old fashioned guitar to the keyboard or drums. Success takes time, however. Your aspiring musician can find other Sims to join the band, conduct jam sessions, and be invited to local establishments to play gigs. While you may at first be relegated to the local dive bars with time your band can make it into the most posh establishments in town for a handsome payout. Obviously, this feature ties in well with the celebrity factor, with skilled bands achieving greater fame through the Sim universe.

Nightlife: Finally, your Sims have places to let off steam and consume various “beverages” at night. As mentioned previously, dive bars represent the lowest common denominator in terms of nightlife attraction, but there are a whole host of options to consider when spending a night on the town. The problem is, your Sim cannot simply automatically get into every establishment. The more exclusive clubs only accept a limited clientele. Befriend a celebrity or bribe the bouncer and you may just be able to get in anyway! This feature as a whole adds numerous more adventures for your Sim to have after dark. The days of sitting in watching TV are over!

Hi-rise Living: One of the first things you will notice when entering the pre-made city of Bridgeport is the skyline. Apartment living makes a return to the Sims franchise and the tall buildings dotted the landscape work to create a genuine and vibrant downtown atmosphere. Cities actually look and feel like cities! Only a few apartments in a building are actually livable (and able to be purchased) by your Sim. Neighbors dwell in virtual apartments next door, but your Sim’s apartment is the only one you can actively control. The apartments come in various sizes and styles. Online community content is constantly being created so that there is really no limit to the number of apartments you can download and place in your virtual city.

Vampires: A new breed of Sim is available for you to control and interact with. These Sims require vital sustenance, however. They will have to befriend non-vampire Sims in order to extract their “bodily fluids” and stay healthy. Also, vampires live to party after dark. Being caught outside during the day for extended periods of time is not good for the health for Sim vampires!

What Works

The Sims 3 Late Night does a great job of simulating a whole new downtown nightlife environment. Your Sims now have a whole new game-play element to explore. Between bar-hopping and gigging, Late Night gives the gamer a more complete and open-ended Sims 3 experience. The addition of sky-scrappers and city living provides a welcome respite from the sometimes monotonous perpetual suburban existence. What is more, download community created worlds or creating your own worlds using the CAW tool allows for the creation of unique mixed-residential regions with suburbs and cities all in one world.

What Does NOT Work

The biggest disappointment for avid Sims fans has to be the pre-made city that ships with the retail version of Sims 3 Late Night. Bridgeport has a so-so downtown area, but the world feels small and cramped. The “suburbs” consist of a few houses with little room for expansion. If you are looking for an exciting and carefully constructed new world to explore (like in the Ambitions or World Adventures expansions), your may be in for a bit of a let down. Not to worry, with an internet connection you can readily download a custom created city from the Sims 3 community downloads center or the various other custom content websites found with a simple Google search.

Worth The Money?

Absolutely! The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack adds hours of quality game-play and a number of great new features. If you are more than a casual fan, this expansion is simply a must have to add to the collection. While the Ambitions or World Adventures expansion packs provided revolutionary new options, Late Night still delivers a fun quality gaming experience. While some might complain that they have seen it before in previous iterations of the Sims series, if it is not broken simply don’t fix it. Late Night living is well worth the money. Two thumbs up!

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