Sing Your Stress Away for Boomers

Is it possible to sing your stress away?

Do you remember when you were younger, how music played such an important role in your life? Do you remember you couldn’t go anywhere wihout your music. If you were happy, what did you do? Turned up the tunes, right? If you were sad, what did you do? Played some melancholy song that made you feel those blues. What about a broken heart? Yes, music soothes the soul!

Now that you are an adult, it doesn’t mean you can’t forget about the stress busting benefits of music! When you are having problems with money it can stress you out to no end. Money and stress can give you a heart attack!

Music therapy can help you to remove stress from your life in several ways. Let’s take a look how you can let music work for you:

  • Music lessons- Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument. Maybe now is the time. Learning something new could be stressful if you let it, but most people have found that putting your mind onto something else besides your problems helps to take away stress.
  • Writing songs – Have you ever had some words in your head that needed to just come out? Putting it on paper is therapy at it’s best. Writing lyrics is like journaling, the stress can leave your body when you are putting your thoughts on paper.
  • Singing lessons – Have you always wanted to sing? Try some singing lessons and if you can’t afford those, a karaoke machine works wonders! You can sing to your heart’s content.

The best thing about music therapy is it is a natural way to help your body relax. Turning on some calming music can soothe those muscles that you had bunched up all day. Have you ever tried self-hypnosis? Using this will put you in a deeper state of rest. This will make you focus on letting go of those things in your life that keep driving you crazy.

Here is a video of an end stage Alzheimer patient who gets some great music therapy in her last days.

No matter where you are in life, music can make your tense muscles relax.

You can use music with other techniques like yoga or exercise. Taking a walk? Pop in that MP3 player and put some spring into your step. Stop using those boring walking sessions, get some fire in your soul with your favorite bands. Using music along with other options is just an added bonus.

Music therapy in hospitals has become really big, especially in children’s cancer units. They’ve found that this type of stress reduction does wonders with the type of treatment these kid’s are getting. Studies also show that the brain waves responds well with a steady beat, helping you to achieve a sense of calmness.

They say even when you stop listening to the music, it will have lasting effects. Your nervous system, your immune system and the rest of your body can benefit highly from music.

Here’s a great video to help you understand music therapy for emotional stress:

When you are driving, working, eating, taking a bath, whatever it is you are doing, if you find that you are feeling stressed out, get the music out and de-stress your life.