Single Parent Holiday Home Alone to Do List Ideas

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You know every now and again when you are a single parent; there will be times when the children are spending the holidays with their other parent. At least for some single parents who are lucky enough to have another parent for their children, who does care about the kids and wholeheartedly wants to spend time with them during the holidays or weekends. This is especially true around Christmas.Sure, the house may seem quiet and a bit more relaxed while the children are off on their holiday visit with their other parent. You might consider getting a much deserved nap while the kids are away. However, you can only nap for so long. Oh the luxury of an undisturbed naptime. When you are a full-time single parent you know exactly what I mean. Sometimes we as parents need a break.

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Single Parent Holiday Home Alone to Do List Ideas, SeekytRaising Great Kids on Your Own A Guide and Companion for Every Single Parent


However, regardless of the things you can do while home alone, whether for pleasure or getting down to business, the house just begins to seem a little too quite. Many single parents may become a bit depressed about being all alone in the house without the pitter patter of little feet, the hollering and crying for some type of want or simply for the pleasure of seeing your children smile and play. It is all too easy to become depressed when you are a single parent on holiday home alone.However, rather than wallowing in aloneness, consider the various things you can add to your home alone to do list that you are not able to fully concentrate on while the kids are at home with you. This is especially true of long weekend holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Since everyone is different, his or her to do list may vary; however, here are a few, home alone to do list ideas for single parents.

– Cleaning out the Toy Box

As we all know, our children love their toys, whether they are girls or boys. Some children are naturally organized or learn to become organized throughout the years. However, most smaller children simply love to play and they play with all sorts of things. Many times a single parent may simply overlook a few things such as the strewing of toys. Others insist that all toys stay in the children’s room or playroom.

Single Parent Holiday Home Alone to Do List Ideas, SeekytSingle Parenting that Works


The holiday, while the child is gone is a good time to clean out the toy box. Since children love to play with all sorts of things, you may need to begin by de-cluttering the playroom and toy box of any papers or pretty packaging that the child has accumulated.

Next, you will want to cull through the real toys they play with, by removing anything that is broken or worn out. Go ahead and pitch those in the trash bin, unless you want to try to fix any broken toys. However, before you decide you may want to keep anything, remember that your children will most likely be bringing new toys home with them from their other parent and family members as well as any that Santa may bring to your house for the children.

– Culling out the Clothing

Children grow fast, this we all know. We can outfit our children one month and in the next few months they are outgrowing those outfits. Culling out the closet is an easy enough thing to do while the children are gone on a holiday vacation. Simply go through the clothing to find that which still fits them and place them in the closet, while placing anything that no longer fits into a bag or box that you can send to the local thrift shop, if the clothing is still presentable and will wear good for another child. While culling out items in drawers, you need to find any socks, underclothing or even shoes that no longer fit your child. Replace the stuff that does fit and leave room for any new clothing they may get for Christmas. While you are doing this, do not forget the laundry basket, since there may be items that are too small there as well.

When it comes to mend-able clothing, you need to determine whether you really are going to mend them or if they will sit somewhere to be mended until they are too small for the child to wear. If you do not have the time to mend them, go ahead and get rid of them too.

Single Parent Holiday Home Alone to Do List Ideas, SeekytDating and the Single Parent


– Rearranging the Bedrooms

If you are feeling very industrious and you want to freshen up the looks of the bedrooms you may want to do some rearranging of the bedrooms. Of course, you will need to consider your particular situation before moving any furniture. However, rearranging the bedrooms is a nice organized start for the New Year.

– Pre-preparing Meals

You know as a single parent who works, preparing good nutritious meals can sometimes be a challenge. You can add this to your holiday home alone to do list by taking some of this alone time to pre-prepare meals. If you have freezer room, this can be a blessing at times when you are tired and have so many things to do. Simply prepare your meals and then place them in the freezer to take out later and warm up for you and the kids.

Of course, there is other single parent holiday home alone to do list ideas that you can add to your own personal list. The point is to keep yourself busy so that you do not become depressed about being home alone for the holiday.


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Single Parent Holiday Home Alone to Do List Ideas, Seekyt
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