Single Parent Low Income Grants

Are there single parent low income grants? In today’s economic climate, this question is probably asked by very many citizens of the United States of America who are single parents. However, many online ads claiming to offer grants to single parents are not genuine. They only direct the searcher to sites that list down very many programs that the person has to purchase. They always have a catch to them.

It is quite unfortunate that there are very few grants that offer financial assistance to the single parent today. The situation of single parenthood is not strange in many cultures and especially in America. Many citizens in different cultures who live in America such as Christians, Buddhists, Hindu practitioners, Muslims as well as oriental inclined citizens embrace this situation albeit in different degrees.

Business Loans for Single Parents

For the single woman parent, however, there are some government funded aid programs that are offered to also train. A single woman parent can go to the nearest WBC office or the Women’s Business Center. These offices have much information regarding grants for Small Business Administration or SBA. They provide training as well as technical assistance to women entrepreneurs. The SBAs are operated independently hence every center operates differently from another. It is important to find out how your local one operates before approaching them for the start up capital.

Federal Pell Grant Program

The Federal Pell Grant Program is a grant that assists people who are in difficult financial crisis. It is not limited only to single parents but is open to all citizens at large. Since it is a grant, there is no repayment expected from the beneficiary of the funds. People have a for along time believed that this is single parent’s grant but this is untrue. The notion probably came from the fact that the grant has so far assisted many single parents get a good education to improve their earning capacities. The Federal Pell Grants are basically offered to students pursing undergraduate studies be it single parents or not. For the eligible person, applications are received from the FAFSA or Federal Student Aid website. One has to have substantial proof that they cannot pay for the college education.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants

Like the Pell Grants, they do not offer funds expecting to receive payments like a loan. They are also not for single parents only. With the acronym FSEAOG, the programs are operated by individual states and are offered to deserving students who show their need of financial assistance through their application forms and procedure.

State Grants for Single Mothers

Another grant facility that is not offered as a loan, the State Grants for Single Mothers facility is also offered through the states. They encourage students, especially single parents to further their education so that they can earn more in an effort to improve the livelihood of the entire family. In as much as they do not limit their beneficiaries family status, the family status of every applicant is taken into consideration. One is very much encouraged to look for single parent low income grants and financial aid even if they have low incomes.