Single Seat Helicopter for Sale

Are you looking for a single seat helicopter for sale? There are many options if you are in the market for a helicopter. From purchasing a used aircraft to one of the pre-fabricated kits to building one from plans there are many options. In this article, I’ll highlight some of the more well-known options to be found to help point you in the right direction.

Helicopters are clearly not an inexpensive machine. If you’re looking to purchase a used machine, prices for a fully complete single seat model start between $10,000 and $15,000 and only go up from there. Average 4 seat models are well over $100,000.

However, you can get a helicopter for much cheaper if you’re willing to do some work. There are a few options for this. First is to buy a semi-complete helicopter. These are choppers that someone either started to build and gave up on or have used as a parts unit for another helicopter. If you think you’ll be able to find parts to complete the helicopter this is a great way to get one for cheaper. You’re essentially replacing money with your efforts to complete the machine.

The second option is to actually build the helicopter from scratch. There are many different plans available that you can purchase for not much money. Scorpion helicopters are popular and you can get plans for pretty much any model if you search online. It’s easy to find plans for the Scorpion-I which is the single seat model. I found several sites where you can get plans for the I for around $90 plus shipping. Obviously parts make up the major part of the expense if you go this route, and they will be significant, but much less than purchasing a complete machine.

Depending on how adventurous and ambitious you are I think building a helicopter from scratch is the better option. Then you know who built it, that it was done right and that first successful test flight will be that much more satisfying. Be prepared to spend months or years building it depending on how much time you can devote to the project!

Overall, there are several options out there. I’m sure you’ll find the right one for you in your search for a single seat helicopter for sale.