Single Serving Rice Cooker

Are you looking for a single serving rice cooker? Well it may shock you to learn that such a thing doesn’t exist. Rice cookers are designed to make more than one serving. But you can obviously adjust the amount of rice you add to the cooker in order to get closer to a single serving.

There are two main types of rice cookers that I would recommend for someone looking to make just a single serving of rice on occasion, electric and microwaveable. They both have advantages over the other type.

The electric cookers are great because they don’t require constant attention while making your rice so you’re free to be cooking the other ingredients in your meal. Most of the good ones have programmable options that allow you to simply press a button and the rice starts cooking. For example the Black and Decker RC3303 is a 3 cup cooker with one-touch operation that really makes cooking rice easy and it is very inexpensive.

Some of the electric versions can be harder to clean so you’ll want to be sure and check out reviews of the units you’re considering and look at them closely to see how difficult they are to clean and store.

The microwave cookers are really neat because they’re so simple. Just add rice and water and pop it in the microwave. Couldn’t be simpler. They’re very easy to clean up too as most are dishwasher safe. And they’re even cheaper than the electric kind usually. This Microwave Rice Cooker is a good unit that is great for smaller serving preparation. The stated capacity is 4 cups but I’ve found that if you try to make that much you can get boil-overs in the microwave so it’s really better to make less rice. I’ve found from ¾ to a cup to be perfect and gives the right serving size for one person.

Cooking nice fluffy rice used to be quite difficult but with all the new technology it’s easier than ever. Especially for the person looking to just make enough for one. Although the single serving rice cooker doesn’t technically exist you can easily use the new ones so make rice for one.