Six Interesting Tips for iTunes Users

The latest version of iTunes is V. 11.2 and the best part is that it is already catching up in the digital world. However, there are many who would find it a bit complicated still it is attracting many. It would take a bit of poking around to get familiar with it. Whether you are using your iPhone, iPod or iPad, chances are you will still need to explore before you can say that you got hang of it. Nonetheless, after reading this article you will be able to get hold of six interesting tips for iTunes.
Read on to find out and master these six moves on iTunes:

1. Sidebar

Often, you might have felt annoyed that with the latest version the sidebar that sits in the window of your iTunes is no longer there. The sidebar is best for navigation purpose that enables in viewing your shared locations, playlists, and helps you with easy access to store and other such options. If you are one of those missing it, then you can get it back.

Go to View-> Show Sidebar. If you want to hide it then go to Select->Hide Sidebar.

2. Creating Your Ringtones

There are ringtones that cost you as per the Apple; this is what makes it a bit of annoying thing. However, there is a way of overcoming it – here is what you can do:

• Go to the Song and right-click on it-> Info-> Options, now turn off the start and stop time and tap OK.

• Right click on the song again and choose the option “Create AAC Version” or “Create MP3 version.”

• If you want the AAC version then, go to Preference-> General-> Import Settings, change the option to AAC Encoder and tap OK. Now, when you go back to the menu you will be able to see AAC Version option that you can use to your benefit.

After performing the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to see the changed music files displayed twice in iTunes.

• Select the latest version of the file and choose Show in Windows or Show in Finder if you are using Mac, the extension of the file should be M4A that can be changed to M4R to create a ringtone.

• Go to iTunes, right-click the file and erase it

• Drag the current M4R version of the file

• Go to Ringtones to find your file in the left pane, now whenever you sync your iPhone you will see it there

• Choose the contact for which you want this ringtone

3. Gift Card of iTunes

For all those who are lazy enough to keep bickering about manually entering the numbers of their iTunes gift card can do something better. Go to iTunes Store-> Quick Links-> Redeem-> Use Camera option. This will reveal the in-built webcam that will enable you to scan numbers.

4. Sharing

For sharing, you have easy options available if only you know how to, here is how you can do it:

• Go to File-> Home Sharing, turn it on and enter the login details of your iTunes Store

• Go to iTunes-> Preferences and select the relevant option for sharing content

Execute the same steps on as many devices as you wish as this would help you get your music across all your devices or desktops. You will be able to copy your music and install iTunes even between Mac and Windows PC.

5. Mini iTunes

Small menu hovering around on the top of your display is something that will enable easy access. For iTunes, too you can do something similar:

• Go to iTunes, then Cntrl-Shift-1 to reveal a mini iTunes player

Now you will be able to quickly access volume, album art, search function, track progress and ‘Up’ ‘Next’ to enable you to view next in line track. This way you will gain control over AirPlay device.

6. Shortcuts for iTunes Radio

We already know that Spotify and Pandora are popular radio services however iTunes Radio is what iDevice users need to get along with. You need to subscribe to iTunes Match to get ads free iTunes Radio. You can create a desktop shortcut to it to access your iTunes quickly, Station->Share-> Copy Link, go to your desktop-> Right-click on empty space that will reveal option of “Create Shortcut.” However, remember to change the URL from itmss to http and then add ?cmd=AddStation and you are done.

About the Author: Polly M Quinton is an ardent technician associated with Qresolve online computer support with wide experience of fixing issues with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphone. With a strong track record of devising effective ways of online tech support and system security, she has so far helped thousands of users across the globe