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Six Quality Mini Fridges With Glass Doors

Top Rated Mini Refrigerators with a Glass Door

Getting a mini fridge with a glass door or glass front is both obviously a practical design — so you know exactly what’s in the fridge, without having to go over to it and open the compact fridge door — as well as a stylish one. So it serves as the perfect appliance to have in a bar setting (either commercially or in your home), to keep drinks and food cool. Below, is a range of glass front mini fridges, cheap mini fridges, stainless steel mini fridges, ones with glass shelves etc. — so you are bound to come across the ideal compact refrigerator to perfectly suit your needs.

#1 DBC120BLS: Stainless Steel Mini Fridge with Glass Door

Starting with my favorite fridge from the lot. This 3.3 cubic feet mini refrigerator from Danby (priced at just under $200) is one of the most popular fridges going & is perfect for serving anyone a nice cool beverage (whether it be for your family as you gather around a film or have some mates around to watch the football).

It has a great look to it, being finished in a stainless steel trim — allowing it to also be cleaned very easily and durable, and tempered glass door — with the main body being black. Inside it has a set of three black wired shelves integrated (these can be removed if needed) and also has integrated lights which turn on when the fridge is opened.

There is also a mechanical thermostat fitted to allow you to vary the temperature within a range of 43 – 57 F degrees. Moreover, the mini fridge comes with a key lock system installed and has a molded in door handle on its right side.

Rating: 80% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 19.8 x 18 x 33.7 inches | Weight: 69 lbs

#2 Koldfront Glass Front Mini Wine Fridge

This compact refrigerator with integrated glass door is specifically designed for storing & keep cool 12 wine bottles (of approx 750 ml) but is versatile enough to store a range of other beverages also with the 5 racks being able to removed etc.

As you can see it is a slim, compact mini wine fridge and takes on a very modern, dark look allowing you to easily view and display the wine you have on offer — great for keeping your guests, filled up & entertained. It is also a practical appliance to have in bars etc. It has a doubled panned glass door fitted with a steel trim based around its side.

It is also has an adjustable thermostat so you can set the temp within a range of 52 to 65 F degrees, so you can store them at the perfect temperatures for both red and white wine. In all, a great affordable (priced at just over $100) mini fridge with glass door implemented.

Rating: 78% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 25.5 x 10 x 21.3 inches | Weight: 76 lbs

#3 EdgeStar’s Cheap Mini Fridge with Glass Door

A quality yet inexpensive glass front mini fridge, as you can see it takes on a similar stylish appeal as the mini fridges above with a stainless steel trim edged to go around the reversible double paned glass door — with a black cabinet at the back.

A more compact refrigerator (using hardly any space) than the others designed specially for holding bottles and cans, stated as capable of holding ’62 cans’, but the chrome shelf can slide out, so you can pretty much keep food, drink or anything in there cool.

You can alter the temperature between a range of 38 to 55 degrees F and comes with a pretty decent warranty coverage when you buy it new — covered for 1 year in components and parts and a 90 day labor cost. Overall, it is a very decent cheap mini fridge and perfect if you are a little tight on space.

Rating: 70% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 18.5 inches | Weight: 40 lbs

#4 Coke Glass Door Mini Refrigerator by Koolatron

This mini fridge takes on the classic red retro coca cola design and features a glass door, viewing window with their well known slogan written across it. You may have also noticed from the image (left) that it also comes with an LED display on the top.

Produced by Koolatron, this is a ’28 can capacity fridge’ that is easily portable, so can be easily transported from room to room — designed to sit on a counter-top. To access the cans inside it has a easy to use, front — pull to open (with the molded recessed door), with it being able to self lock.

A great mini fridge that combines retro styling with practicality, just be a bit wary on how much it can store in comparison to some of the other mini refrigerators featured.

Rating: 50% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions:13 x 16 x 18.6 inches | Weight: 17.5 lbs

#5 Haier Mini Fridge Glass Front HBCN05FVS (150 can)

This popular and large Haier compact refrigerator is a great for those wanting to store a lot of cans — serving perfectly as a commercial mini bar fridge cooler.

As you can see it is integrated with four full width & fully vinyl covered adjustable shelves that can hold any shaped bottles and cans (red bull, coke glass bottles, 12 ounce cans etc.). It also has an adjustable thermostat, so you can get the drinks at a perfectly chilled temperature. The refrigerator also automatically defrosts.

Specifically with regards to the glass door it is reversible and works through a recessed ergonomic handle — and it is lockable with a key if needed. Overall, it is a very decent ‘large glass door compact fridge.

Rating: 60% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 31.4 inches | Weight: 65 lbs

#6 Another Quality Danby Mini Refrigerator with Glass Door

For those who are on a more limited budget, this cheap Danby compact fridge is a great option. Firstly, I really like its modern, sleek looking design – all black with a great see through ‘shatter resistant’ glass door, to check out all the available drink options. Serves perfectly for a family event.

It has a capacity of 1.8 cubic feet (which is about 17 bottles), so is quite compact, but not so much that you can’t store a decent amount of wine — in there if you wanted to. It has three shelves fitted – 2 full width wire shelves and 1 staggered vinyl wire one. This all black wine cooler is a great little appliance, that can easily fit into any home decor.

Rating: 56% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 19.6 x 17.5 x 20 inches | Weight: 44 lbs

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the show case of quality mini fridges with glass doors then please make them below. Also, if you have found this article useful at all please be sure to give it a like (heart) or share.

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