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Six Vintage Coca Cola Mini Fridges (You'll Love #4)

Six Retro, Unique & Vintage Coca Cola Compact Fridges

Are you looking for a mini fridge finished in the classic coca cola designs, but are unsure as to what models are ‘just all style’ and no substance compared to the truly decent ones? Then don’t fear, the following six coca cola mini fridges have been carefully selected on that specific basis — whereby they have the classic retro coke design but also actually function as a very decent mini refrigerators too. From the six below, you are sure to find the ideal refrigerator for you.

#1 Coca Cola Personal ‘6 Can’ Mini Fridge

This stainless steel personal coke fridge is an incredibly popular model and is pretty cheap, being priced at just under $50. As you can see it takes on the vintage america red ‘coca cola’ trademark. A perfect addition to an home office or study area, for student dorm rooms, living rooms and because it is so light its easily portable — so you can basically take it to any room in the house.

With regards to its storage capacity, as it says ‘in the name’ it can store up to 6 normal (12 ounce) sized coca cola cans (specifically at 4 liters). You can also get a slightly larger personal coke fridge model, that stores 9 cans if you want (but comes in a different design). It does a great job at keeping your cans cool at 32 degrees & the door is self locking with a recessed integrated handle in the door.

Rating: 78% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 11 x 8 11 inches | Weight: 6 lbs

#2 Classic Coke Can Mini Refrigerator

Another mini fridge produced by Koolatron is this can cooling fridge shaped like a classic can of coca cola. It has a 10 liter capacity, which in turn is about 8 normal cans or as they claim a 2 liter bottle and 4 more cans (with the shelf being removable) or 2 x 2 liter bottles.

It is a proven ‘collector’s favorite’ and is particularly popular among students for their dorm college rooms (given that other housemates might steal their soda cans from a communal fridge, also saves them the effort to get to the kitchen). The Coke can fridge keeps your cans completely chilled at up to 40 degrees & also has the ability to heat up to 49 degrees F. Overall, an awesome little mini fridge, slightly bigger than #1.

Rating: 64% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 17.8 inches | Weight: 12 lbs

#3 Vintage Coke Compact Fridge

Larger still, is this 28 can capacity retro red coca cola mini fridge with glass door that has Coke’s classic slogan & trademark imprinted across it. Moreover, it comes with a sleek little LED display read out across the top panel. It is designed as a classic counter-top fridge that is easily portable, so you can move it from room to room — and is perfect for when you want your mates to come over and watch the basketball etc.

You can adjust the temperature settings through the thermo-electric cooling system and to access the drinks is very simple, simply open the door with the contoured handle on the side of the doors (as you can see in the image, right). Being priced at just a bit more than #2, at just under $175, this coke refrigerator really is a great buy.

Rating: 58% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 13.2 x 16 x 19 inches | Weight: 17.5 lbs

#4 Nostalgia Coke Mini Refrigerator & Freezer

This Nostalgia coca cola mini fridge is for a few reasons, easily my favorite model of the lot. Firstly, it is definitely the best value for money (as you will soon see why), being available at just under $100.

Moreover, it is the only fridge where you can store, more than just drinks in it (i.e it is big & powerful enough to keep food refreshed as well). The storage capacity is 1.7 cubic ft, so is the biggest here and has its own separate little storage section based on the door for a 2 liter bottle of coke as well as a removable wire shelf fitted in. It even has its own separate freezer compartment!

You can of course adjust the thermostat to get the desired temperature as well. This fridge has a lot of pluses, being a lot more versatile than the others and also has one of my favorite designs & overall look (compared to all the coke design finishes here). It is easily the fridge that I would go for from the showcase on offer. A proper quality compact fridge.

Rating: 84% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 17.5 x 19 x 20 inches | Weight: 37 lbs

#5 Retro Coke Mini Fridge (Vending Machine)

This refrigerator takes on a slightly different design to most, taking on that of a classic coca cola vending machine — with a tall glass door window display and dispensing the cans ‘vending machine style’. It is somewhere in between a normal sized and personal fridge, being able to store up to 10 normal sized cans of coke (more towards the latter mind). It uses the same thermo-electric system as some of the other fridges above, cooling them up to 32 F degrees (well below that of room temperature). It is quite reasonably priced too at just under $150.

With regards to size, it is perfect for those who floor wise don’t have much room, but decent in terms of height e.g. located in between a wall and desk. As it operates on a 12V DC plug, you can even use it in a car or in a boat if you wanted.

Rating: 70% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 18 x 10.5 x 27 inches | Weight: 4.7 lbs

#6 Classic Coke Bottle Mini Refrigerator

This fridge is just like #2 but instead of a can it takes on the same shape as a classic coke glass bottle. This unique fridge is very much loved by many who buy it and offers pretty much the same specs as #5 being able to cool it up to 32 degrees F.

In terms of storage capacity it is recommended that it holds no more than 15 coke cans. As you can see it opens up just under the ‘bottle cap’ and is self locking. This is pretty much the perfect fridge for those who are looking to transport drinks in a car or truck, setting out for a picnic etc. A cheap coca cola mini fridge, that still offers the quality & practicality you expect from a normal refrigerator.

Rating: 78% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 28.2 inches | Weight: 10.5 lbs

Which Coca Cola Mini Fridge Do You Like Best?

For me the nostalgia version is easily the best model from all six, but in terms of ‘look’ and design, the #3 vintage fridge is definitely up there and #6 serves as the top model for those who are looking for mobility as a key feature. But which cola fridge will you buy and why (let me know in the comments below)?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the show case of six of the top rated coca cola mini fridges then please make them below. Also, if you have enjoyed or found this article useful please be sure to give it a like (heart) or share.

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