Six Ways to Kick-start Your Earnings on Revenue Sharing Sites

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What it Takes

If you have considered making money online, then chances are high that you have at least fooled around with one revenue sharing site. Some do well on these sites, others don’t. But it is not a matter of chance really. Well, not to a significant extent. So what does it take to make money on revenue share sites? In this article, I’ll give a checklist of six items to always remember to do when writing for revenue sharing sites.

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Six Ways to Kick-start Your Earnings on Revenue Sharing Sites, Seekyt

1. Complete Your Profile

The first thing to do when you join a revenue share site or any site for that matter is to fill out your profile. Provide a profile pic, a bio and all necessary details. What this does is it gives you credibility and makes you appear less spammy to your readers. Spammers are always looking for a quick window to sell. They are not interested in all the other things the site was set up for. Fill out your profile and you will gain more trust from your readers.

2. Write, Write, Write

There is no real way to make money on rev sharing websites except to write a lot of content. You can also make money by referring people to join, but that is only by the side. Write high quality, useful content with perfect spelling and grammar and you will be on your way to early earnings.

3. Interact With Other Members

Frequent the forums, answering questions from other members and remember to comment on other people’s posts. This helps you build relationships with your fellow writers and increases your chance of having your articles shared or linked to. It drives more traffic towards you and ultimately make you trustworthy in your niche.

4. A little Search Engine Optimization

You have to try to optimize your articles for easy indexing by search engines. The only way to do this is to read about SEO, then practice little by little on your articles. Just make sure you do not stuff your articles with keywords.

5. Share Your Articles

The reason you are writing in the first place is to reach out to an audience. Make sure you share your articles on social media to build a following. You can also submit your articles to social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon.
Six Ways to Kick-start Your Earnings on Revenue Sharing Sites, Seekyt

6. Follow Those That Are Doing Well

By doing well, I mean those members who’s writing is at the top. You can look for those with featured articles and check out how they write to pick out a couple of tips. You could also just ask how they do it.

Do not confuse this with being a copycat. You are only trying to learn how they walk on their path, so you can do the same on yours. You are not going to write about their topics, what you want is their methodology.

Anyone Can Make Money on Revenue Sharing Sites.

Well, anyone who can write reasonably. What you need is persistence especially if the money isn’t coming in, which is is the case in the beginning. But if you love what you are doing, you will stick it out and definitely the money will come.
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Six Ways to Kick-start Your Earnings on Revenue Sharing Sites, Seekyt
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