Size of Hearing Aid Battery in Kolkata

It is very important for a person to have comprehensive knowledge regarding the size of the hearing aid battery in Kolkata before buying the hearing machines. The size is usually determined by the colour code of the battery.

As the technology is become much more advanced and enhanced, the markets today are flooded with a number of different varieties of devices and gadgets. Indeed these new devices are becoming much popular and are being purchased at large. The hearing aids are not left behind and certainly the digital hearing aids have almost substituted the analogue hearing machines. However, the chief component of the hearing aid is its battery. In fact the customer receives the warranty of such devices on its batter life. They vary widely and the price of the aid also depend on the battery. The life of the battery depends on how the person uses it. So before buying one it is better to know about their warranty period.

The sizes of the hearing aid battery in Kolkata has been standardized a few years ago so that it becomes easy for the customers to purchase it according to their needs. The use of colour codes have become prevalent to indicate the size of the battery. As for instance, if the colour code is orange the size is thirteen while brown is three hundred and twelve. In the case of yellow code the size would be ten and if it is blue than the size is six hundred and seventy five. At times, one can also find some other letters apart from the sizes. However, it does not indicate that they are large sized. When you go to the market to purchase the aid, the most commonly available hearing machine battery is Zinc Air batteries. They have a tab which needs to be removed before installing it into the aid.

As the name suggests, the working mechanism of this battery is zinc getting blended with the air. As soon as you remove the tab, the battery becomes ready to use and will work even if the tab is replaced. It does not deactivate. Therefore it is advisable not to keep or store the battery in hot places as the adhesive could become unstuck and the battery gets activated. The tab should necessarily be kept on unless the battery is installed into the hearing machines. Unused battery have a life span of about three years after which they can start developing problems. Do not mix the old and the new batteries together.

The life of the battery of the hearing aid also depends on the power it uses. As such the digital hearing aids need more power to operate in comparison to the analogue devices as they have more complicated circuitry. According to an ENT specialist, the life span of the battery is normally from five days to a week or so. If the battery does not operate properly and develops problem, before that, it means that the hearing aid is not working properly. You need to contact the dealer or shop from where you have purchased the device. However, in most case the dealer would check the contacts of hearing aid battery in Kolkata to test the drain being put on the battery.