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Skagen Watches – Superslim And Stylish


Why I Love Skagen Watches

Many people like those big, chunky chronograph type watches. You know the ones; they have bezels, umpteen dials within dials, the ability to tell you the time in a variety of different time zones and, more often than not, a plethora of protruding knobs, winders and buttons.

Each to his own – and if what I’ve described above is your ideal watch, then good luck to you – but, for myself, I much prefer a slim, lightweight watch. I find the big, chunky watches to be clumsy and heavy. They snag on my shirt sleeve and my jacket – and I invariably bang them on doorframes, desktops and tables.

Skagen Watches – Superslim And Stylish

Some years ago, my better half bought me my first Skagen watch (it’s over there on the right) – and I absolutely loved it. I like watches with blue faces and, as you can see, this particular Skagen has a lovely deep blue dial. Very simple and uncluttered, and very easy to read.

The watch face itself is a mere 6.0 mm thick – and that seems to be a feature of Skagen watches. They are superslim, very light and very comfortable to wear.

Another factor which makes these watches so appealing (in my oinion at least) is the strap. Skagen do different types of strap, including leather ones, but the very fine mesh, stainless steel variety seems to be something of a trademark for them. It’s incredibly flexible – sinuous even – and it will mould itself to your wrist.

The clasp is of the double catch security type – and it can be moved to anywhere on the strap. That means that you can ensure the perfect fit for you. Your Skagen will be comfortable and secure to wear.

Skagen Watches – Superslim And StylishOther features include a very tough mineral glass face. I’ve lost count of the number of scrapes and bumps my Skagen has had over the years – but there isn’t so much as a scratch on it.

Personally, I think that these watches look great. There are plenty of different styles to choose from – but a clean, uncluttered face that looks stylish and understated is a fairly common theme. You can wear your Skagen to work, wear it out at night and not have to worry about taking it off when you’re working in the garden. They are slim, comfortable, stylish and robust.

I have three of these now, all thanks to my lovely and generous wife. The blue one is still my favorite, but the other two get a regular airing, mostly when I’m off on an evening out. If you like slim, stylish watches, I heartily recommend these.

Skagen Watches – Superslim And Stylish
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