Skin Aging causes and prevention

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Aging doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does antiaging

Skin Aging Prevention
Prevention is key for maintaining a healthy, vibrant
look. No matter your age or skin tone, there are a
number of things that will slow the aging process
and help prevent risk for more serious skin disease.
1 – Always apply sunscreen prior to going outdoors.
2 – Wear sun-protective clothing, wide-brimmed hats, and wraparoundstyle
3 – Quit smoking.
4 – Keep hydrated by drinking water regularly.
5 – Eat a diet that includes a wide mix of fruits and vegetables.
6 – Use topical antioxidants.
7 – Reduce stress in your everyday life.
8 – Get a good night’s sleep

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Believe it or not, around your mid 20s a domino effect begins to take place within your skin’s structure. Collagen and elastin—the protein fibers
within the skin cells that support tissue, keep it taut, and allow it to stretch without rupturing—begin to break down. Skin starts to sag due to loss of elasticity. Wrinkles appear from the loss of collagen and repetitive facial expressions. Sun exposure causes further destruction and begins to culminate in unsightly dark spots. Temporary conditions at various stages of life also impact our skin, compounding changes that may or may not fade after we have moved through that stage. For example hormone fluctuations during pregnancy and menopause may lead to a host of visible skin signs. Some pregnant women may notice their skin darkening over the cheeks and nose (melasma) or may develop acne. The rapid stretching of the skin can leave stretch marks and sagging of varying degrees. The hormonal changes associated with menopause can accelerate skin changes already taking place due to natural aging or photoaging. The loss of estrogen affects the function of key cells that produce collagen and elastin and those that protect and repair the skin as well as maintain skin color. It also affects oil production in the sebaceous glands. Your skin may become drier leading to an increase in fine wrinkles. You may develop skin tags or growths, and you also may notice your cheeks and nose taking on a rosy hue

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Often, we’re so focused on the development of facial lines and wrinkles that we forget about the other areas of the body that provide telltale signs of age. Wrinkles, age spots, and sagging can show up on the hands, arms, neck, and décolletage. Treatment options for turning back time range from dietary recommendations, skin moisturizers, topical antioxidants, to chemical or laser skin resurfacing and fillers or neuromodulators. Many physicians will recommend starting small. Aging doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does antiaging. Some treatments may require multiple sessions, so there is a delay in seeing the outcome. That delay could be a couple of weeks to several months depending on the severity of your problem area and the treatment approach. Recommendations may vary by physician and similarly, results will vary by patient, so patience and openness to modification may be necessary


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