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Skin Care For Shingles

Nothing to Itch About; Skin Care for Shingles is the Sensible Solution!

Why suffer more than you have to when skin care for shingles can easily get rid of those annoying symptoms? There is no intelligent reason for that at all, and you shouldn’t have to deal with such a simple-minded dilemma on a daily basis. In many ways similar to Chicken Pox, Shingles is generated by the same varicella virus that evokes the irritating disease. Shingles, however, is much more severe, and the blistering rash can leave the afflicted persons virtually handicapped in extreme cases. Chances are if you’ve had the chicken pox before, you’re more likely to develop shingles at one point in your life. In other words; shingles can be a real pain in the rear end, and extremely itchy at that!

First Step: Visit Your Doctor

If you think for a moment that you are beginning to develop shingle-like symptoms, it would be wise to take a visit to your doctor. He or she will be able to suggest you the best antiviral medications available, and by doing so, will most likely prevent complications such as postherpetic neuralgia – A painful, excruciating condition which affects the nerve fibers and skin. Even though the rash will heal, postherpetic neuralgia will prolong the pain even after. IMMEDIATELY see your doctor when symptoms are detectable; don’t wait!Your shingles will not heal overnight, so it’s important you follow your doctor’s instructions and use the medication as prescribed.

General Skin Care Tips

From soothing skin creams, to usual baths and showers, there are several ways to ease that unbearable itch. Skin care products aren’t hard to come by these days,(with all the pharmacies, Wal-Marts and other multipurpose stores) and the majority of these products are very affordable; acquiring skin care products for shingles is much easier than you think.

Excellent products to use would be: Topical lotions or creams, hydrocortisone creams, petroleum jelly and calamine lotion. A colloidal oatmeal bath may provide some relief, and regular showers will also muffle the itch. Also try applying a cool compress to the affected area. Other recommended methods would be: (1) Menthol Creams, (distract the nerves by providing them with a different type of sensation) (2) Avoiding sunlight, as the sunlight will alter the color of the skin during the healing process; (3) Avoiding any of itching, as that will increase the risk of infection, and (4) Lidocaine patches for extreme pain. (Lidocaine patches contain a topical anesthetic.)

Nothing to Itch About

With time, and correct usage of the particular skin care product, your shingles and symptoms will most likely disappear. Remember to visit your doctor if you notice any symptoms, and regularly attend to them. There are a wide variety of products available, and there is no excuse for you NOT to find one that works for you. Also remember to be patient and don’t hesitate to call your doctor if your rash persists. The only way for your shingles to become extreme is if you decide to do nothing about them. Skin care for shingles is the sensible solution!

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