Skin Needling: A Procedure that Focuses on the Body's Own Natural Healing Processes

When it comes to finding new ways to look younger and have healthier-looking skin, some people will try almost anything. There are some controversial treatments available today, but many people wonder if the treatments are safe and if the benefits are worth the risks of the procedure. However, when people are dealing with the effects of aging, scar tissue from injury or acne, or dark spots and blemishes from sun exposure, they deserve the best treatments available to help them get the skin rejuvenation they are looking for. One of the controversial skin treatments available today is skin needling. While many might consider this procedure to be scary and painful, skin needling works with the body’s natural healing processes to promote skin rejuvenation and help clients regain their confidence and self-esteem through healthy skin.

Skin needling, which is also known as Dermarolling or Collagen Induction Therapy, works with the body’s healing abilities. A tool with a rolling mechanism on the end has many small, surgical steel needles attached to it. The rolling tool is then used on the skin in a criss-cross motion. The skin is then punctured and small ‘wounds’ are formed. The body’s natural response to a wound is to provide more collagen and elastin to the area in order for healing to take place. With the formation of new cells to repair the damaged areas, skin begins looking fresher and more plump. These small puncture wounds are created and the body works to heal by creating new, rejuvenated tissue. The result is that dark spots, blemishes, scars, and wrinkles are less noticeable. Because this process relies on the body’s own natural healing processes, there are no harsh chemicals, creams, or medications involved. Clients rely on their body’s own abilities to create healthier-looking, more rejuvenated skin.

Skin needling can be a more cost-effective alternative to more expensive laser skin treatments and can often be combined with other all-natural skin-fortifying products and ingredients, such as Vitamin C, to enhance the benefits of the procedure. Skin needling is often the perfect alternative for clients wanting to see results but who are hoping to avoid surgery and more invasive procedures that require longer recovery periods. With skin needling, the risks for infection and complications that are often associated with plastic surgeries are very low. While surgery can have great results, as well, skin needling is a better option because it is a quick, outpatient procedure that doesn’t require any hospital stays or annoying and painful recovery periods.

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