Skincare Treatment for Open pores, Aging and Damaged Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body; the skins fast regenerative properties offer protection from the elements like cold and heat while keeping our body temperature regular. Its protective nature ensures harmful agents are prevented from entering the body, such as harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.

Being the first level of defense the skin is consistently under attack from the heat of the sun, germs and diseases both external and internally generated. Causing symptoms like boils, rashes, sores, bruises, burns, blisters and dry skin, others could include skin cancer, acne and open pores.

Open pores is a condition which is not as dangerous as some of the others mentioned above but also has its downside such as affecting skin coloration, skin texture and functionality. It can also cause sever dryness of the skin, red pimples and an unsightly look.

Skin function in relation to open pores

The skins major function is the regulation of the body temperature, protection of the body including the internal organs and acts as a sensory organ.

Cuts, bruises, wounds, open pores and sores have negative effect on the health of the skin and the way it functions, making it a very important organ.

The skin is a regulatory organ that functions through the retention or release of water via sweating, in sever cases open pores disrupts the subcutaneous fatty tissues beneath the dermis. Which makes the open pores condition serious enough to attract the attention of dermatologists and pharmaceutical companies.

What causes open pores

Open pores can be hereditary or genetic in nature they are more common than you think and affect over seventy five percent (75%) of the entire world population. When they are visible on the face they can be very unsightly causing the person great physiological distress and depression.

Open pores affects both adults and teens and are caused by three major factors which are genetic, having oily skin and acne. When the pores get filled with oil and dirt it causes clogging, clogging in turn causes dead skin and the unsightly looking skin, especially when magnified under a microscope.

Other causes of open spores is having poor hygiene, dirt on the face, oily skin, and acne, acne vulgaris is caused when the sebaceous glands are infected. The inflammation caused by the infection in the skin manifests as terrible red pimples on the face.

Some people are in the habit of busting them which is wrong and only worsens the process resulting in more unsightly pimples. So the oil glands on the face are the chief culprit when it comes to acne. The condition is treatable through home remedies, herbal products, cleansing agents and medication, in the case of genetic pointers the effect can be greatly reduced but not altogether eliminated.

Exposure to intense sunlight can damage the skin and present an enabling environment for open pores to develop. Internal reasons could be imbalanced diet and lack of proteins. Some more causes of open pores can be linked to menopause, stress related ailments, pregnancy, clogged pores,and poor facial hygiene.

Summary of causes of open pores
Open pores are causes by the under listed reasons
1 Age related
2 Genetics
3 Menopause.
4 clogged pores
5 Oily skin
6 Exposure to sunlight
7 Poor diet
8 Pregnancy
9 Ailment and diseases
10 Poor facial hygiene

Treatment of open pores

Luckily treatment of open pores is a highly researched condition some of which are the use of sunscreen to prevent collagen degeneration, the use of laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion techniques, and exfoliation. Stop worsening the condition by squeezing the pimples; facial scrubs might help skin care regiment to effectively reduce the causative effect of red pimples and oily face.

Proper cleansing closes and reduces pores while natural products can be quite useful like ice cubes which decreases the pore size, a natural paste of oats and curd used as a face mask. Coconut oil for regeneration through massage or a paste of baking soda, honey made into paste can reduce pores.

Blemishes can be treated through regular washing and cleaning of the face which shrinks pores, make a face mask out of honey and egg white, or baking soda face mask used very carefully and not for extended periods. Clean your face with a soft scrub and use creams loaded with vitamin E, yogurt masks are said to be effective because of the presence of probiotics and lactic acid.

Proper diet works fine especially if you binge on fruits such as lemon, oranges, pineapple, avocado (avocado in moderation unless you want to gain weight) which has loads of vitamin that help fight bacteria while nourishing the body and skin. You can detoxify yourself or use liquid soluble hydroxyl acids keeps dry skin cells together without breaking giving you a healthier look.

Last word
It takes good hygiene, hydration, exfoliation, good diet and regular scrubs to put red pimples that lead to open pores in check, sometimes it is hereditary or teenage related. Open pores linked to hereditary pointers can reduce is severity but will always be present while other can easily be controlled.

Open pores are not life threatening but could be pointers to other developing conditions within the body, always seek audience with a qualified dermatologist. He/she would diagnose the condition and offer good solutions that would reduce the effect making your face beautiful and alluring.