Skinny Outfits: a danger to life.

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Girls are born to go for fashion. They love grabbing the latest fashion and manage to collect the most fashionable outfits in their wardrobe. But, girls, Beware! Be careful of certain fashions which could cause you death. Yes, I’m talking about certain fashion wear like, those of the skinny ones. Get rid of those skinny and tight outfits and switch over to comfortable wear.

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Skinny Outfits: a danger to life., Seekyt

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In a recent news, “as cited in a study in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, declared the dangers of tight, skinny jeans. An Australian Woman of 35 years old was hospitalized after she was found rambled on the ground and was unable to walk because her feet were numb. Doctors had to cut her skinny jeans as her calves were swollen and the jeans couldn’t be removed.” Doctors say that wearing skinny outfits can restrict blood supply to nerves and muscles in the lower legs, causing swelling, impaired sensation and difficulty in walking. According to Dr. Praveen Gupta, director of Neurology at a Gurgaon Hospital in India, “Wearing tight bottoms not onl;y leads to compression of nerves in your thighs and legs, it also leads to hair loss. The numbness that we feel wearing such clothes is an indicator of permanent damage, where the nerves may never recover. This condition is known as Meralgia Paresthetica .”

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Recognizing the above dangers of wearing tight and skinny outfits, I am going to give a brief information of the outfits, we girls should definitely avoid.
1. Corsets: Skinny Outfits: a danger to life., Seekyt

Corsets were the popular wear for women in the Victorian Era. The Corset was symbolized as a substance of repression and colonization of women in that period. They are back into fashion in the 21st century, not as a symbol of colonization, but as a fashion statement. Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Ditta Vonteese often flaunt their hot looks wearing corsets. Although, it gives a look of an hour-glass figure to women, corsets have an adverse effect too. It pushes the organs in our stomach to the lower part of our body causing heartburn, shallow breathing, back muscle pain, damaged rib cage, etc.

2. Skinny jeans: Skinny Outfits: a danger to life., Seekyt

Skinny Jeans might give you a sexy, tall look, but, can also lead you to death. The skinny jeans restrict blood supply of your legs causing numbness in feet, swelling of calves and damage to your nervous system. Fashion stylists say that, wearing a stretch pant with lycra, jeggings and leggings are better options. They make you look taller and slimmer and also protects you from the disastrous nerve diseases.

3. Ill-fitting Inners: Ill-fitting inners can lead to diseases likeback pain, breast pain, difficulties in respiration, change in the size of breasts, etc. More than 80% of women wear the wrong sized inners. Before you shop for an inner, just measure yourself properly and regularly. Bras with thick straps should be preferred for daily use or racer back sports one.

Skinny Outfits: a danger to life., SeekytSkinny Outfits: a danger to life., Seekyt

4. Pencil skirts: Skinny Outfits: a danger to life., SeekytSkinny Outfits: a danger to life., Seekyt

Girls love to flaunt their sexy hips wearing a pencil skirt. But lets get a look of its demerits. A tight fit pencil skirt doesn’t allow comfort to your knees, causing disbalance. The damage could not be felt in the initial stage, but, frequent wear of such skirts may lead to serious muscle problems and even problems like slipped disc.


So, ladies, clear off those skinny outfits from your wardrobes and switch on to some comfortable clothing. Sensible fashion not only makes you look beautiful but also makes you stay fit rather than those of the fatal ones.

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Skinny Outfits: a danger to life., Seekyt
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