SL400 Vantage – A User Friendly, Low Maintenance Stair Lift

Leading manufacturers offer various models of stair chair lifts integrated with advanced features and technical specifications for both indoor and outdoor applications. There are lifts for straight curved and spiral staircases and those with landings. The SL400 Vantage Straight Stair Lift from Harmar is an ideal solution for straight stairways. Featuring a rack & pinion drive system, this low maintenance lift ensures a smooth, safe ride.

User-friendly Mobility Device

The SL400 Vantage comes with many features that make it easy to operate as well as a useful addition to your home. It comes with a speed regulator which ensures a smooth, comfortable ride at a consistent speed as it ascends and descends.

Featuring a total load capacity of 300 lbs, this straight stair lift travels at a maximum speed of 19 feet/minute. It features a DC drive system that can operate several cycles even during power outages. This stair chair lift is integrated with a wide range of safety devices such as footrest obstruction sensors, swivel seat cut-off switch and final limits / seat belt. Other notable features include –

• Swivel – 90° at top
• Simple, durable design using 20% fewer parts
• Covered gear rack keeps your stairs clean
• Safety design – Complies with ASME A18.1, CAN/CSA B44.1, ASME A17.5
• Rail Install – 5” from wall; mounts on steps
• Quick and easy installation
• Powerful for stair inclines up to 45-degrees
• Motor Output – 14 amps
• Includes 2 wireless remotes
• Compact, folds to 13.6” to allow others to pass by
• Clear distance between arm rests – 19”
• Charge strip – 3 ft. at top & bottom
• Braking – Self-locking gear box

Featuring an upholstered seat and powder coated chassis, this lift can blend easily with any home décor.

Economical and Maintenance Free

Compared to cable, chain and screw drive systems, rack and pinion stair lifts are among the easiest to use with the least amount of maintenance. Rack and pinion stair lift motors work on the same principle as the steering mechanism in cars. As the pinion rotates, the rack moves in the appropriate direction along the lift track, moving the lift seat and rider along the rail. The SL400 Vantage with its rack & pinion system involves low maintenance.

Select a Reliable Elevator and Lift Company

While the SL400 Vantage Straight Stair Lift is designed for cost-conscious buyers, it is important to purchase this lift from a reliable and established supplier. An established supplier will ensure superior post-purchase service including hassle-free installation and reliable support to keep your lift in good working condition all the time.