Sleep Number Bed Air Leaks – Sealing The Air Leak

Sleep Number Bed Air Leaks

So you’ve just bought a sleep number bed, and can’t wait to find out if it will do something about your aching back. It’s all set up, and you excitedly jump onto the mattress. Wait — You hear that? Is the mattress supposed to be hissing like this? No. Sorry to say this, my friend, but it sounds like you have an air leak on your hands. You’ve paid about three-thousand bucks for this expensive bed, and there is no way you’re going back to that uncomfortable, cumbersome spring mattress that was the root of all your restless nights. Well boy, do I have some great news for you! There are plenty of ways for you to detect where that leak is coming from, and seal it up for good.

The Spray Bottle Method:

Detecting That Leak

The First method I will reveal to you requires an empty spray bottle, some water and soap. This method will show you how to detect where the leak is coming from, but not how to seal it. What you want to do is fill up the empty spray bottle with four cups of water, mix in two tablespoons of liquid dish soap, and shake that bottle until you can’t shake it anymore! After you have that, you then want to remove all of the blankets, sheets, and pillows from the bed. Make sure any equipment in the room is turned off because you want to have the room as silent as possible; any extra noise will make it much harder for you to find where the leak is coming from. Climb onto the bed, and place your face fairly close to the mattress. Listen closely for the hissing sound. When you think you’ve found where the hissing sound is coming from, spray the presumed area with the soap and water. If the soap and water begins to bubble, then you’ve found your leak, my friend. After the air leak has been detected, proceed to mark it with a small piece of masking tape. Considering the price of the sleep number bed, you probably won’t want to mark it with a marker because it will stain the mattress.

Sealing that Air Leak

Here is another method you can use to not only detect the air leak, but to seal that sucker as well. First thing’s first; Remove all the sheets from the mattress. Unzip the bed cover, and once you do that, pull back the cover and foam; if you’ve done this correctly, you will see a grey chamber where you will examine for leakage. Make sure you can fully examine the air chamber because if you can’t, you won’t be able to find exactly where the leak is coming from.

Make sure the hoses are properly connected. If a hose is even slightly out of place, air could be escaping. If it is, make sure you adjust it.

Push in the grey tabs to remove them, and observe the white connector for any cracks. If there are any cracks, your sleep number bed does come with caps for you to fix them. (This should only be a problem for older mattresses.)

Simple as Pie

Now wasn’t that simple? You can finally enjoy your sleep number bed, and your back is feeling better than ever! While you sleep peacefully tonight, remember these tips for solving your sleep number bed air leaks.