Sleeping on Satin Pillowcases

Sleeping on satin pillowcases is very beneficial for the hair and face, expecially for those who are concerned about facial wrinkles and hair breakage. Some of you may be wondering what does skin and hair have to do with satin pillowcases? Men who are reading this may really be in the dark on this one,but need to keep reading because men get wrinkles too. Furthermore, there are still a few men running around with long hair than will benefit from sleeping on satin pillowcases. It doesn’t matter you’re a man or a woman, it may be time to consider changing the type of material your face and hair sleeps on at night.

It may be hard at first to give up your favorite comfy cotton pillowcase, I know it was for me. However, I got tired of seeing those awful sleep creases that don’t go away for hours and can become permanent if you don’t do something about them. The problem is that when we sleep on our side, skin and hair gets stuck instead of gliding like it needs to be able to. This is where the satin pillowcase comes to the rescue, by allowing skin and hair to glide effortlessly as we sleep. When you have long hair or hair that is dry and brittle you want to do everything possible to prevent hair breakage and sleeping on satin pillowcases will help.

Of course, you could simply sleep on your back when it comes to facial wrinkles, but who wants to do that? Not me! I have tried and can’t, so I decided to give satin pillowcases a try to see if they would make a difference. I had to retire my favorite pillowcase, which wasn’t easy but you do what you gotta do. It took a couple of nights to get used to the feel of different material, so getting to sleep took a little longer. but I noticed that the sleep wrinkles had disappeared. For me, this made it worth the effort and now I’m trying to get the rest of the family to make the switch. Guess what? They don’t want to give up their favorite pillowcase!

Whether you’re concerned about sleep wrinkles or hair breakage sleeping on satin pillowcases is a cheap and easy way to help prevent either one. If you’re concerned about cost, don’t be, you can buy a single satin pillowcase for $5 or less and a set for under $10.