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Slip Resistant Nursing Shoes

Slip resistant nursing shoes that provide comfort, arch support, and look good can be hard to find. While you might be able to find some regular footwear that will match your scrubs, finding antiskid sneakers can prove to be much more difficult. In this article, I’d like to go over some of the manufacturers of qualify anti-slip shoes for nurses and those in the medical field.

Best Manufacturers

While you can search through Amazon skid-proof shoes for medical professionals, it might be a good idea to simply go through some of the top manufacturers. The list below is for some of the better options you’ll find, from cheap to expensive, leather or other material, but all with value for men and women.

Men’s Slip Resistant Nursing Footwear

Dawgs: The Men’s Ultralite Tracker is a great option and it’sdawgs nursing shoes‘> available for under 50 dollars. Available in white or black, they are popular with males that work in the medical field.

Cherokee Footwear: This is another really good option, especially if you are required to wear plain white. You’ll find them comfortable and durable, with a good warranty. For less than $70, the are a good option.

Dickies: Men’s anti-skid nursing shoes can be found from Dickies for under 60 dollars. They have athletic types with ties that will work great or slip on clogs styles. They are known for affordable prices and quality.

The Name Brands: Since footwear is always changing, you might want to check out other makers like Nike, New Balance, Ryka, and even Adidas to find out what they have to offer at the time you are looking.

Women’s Anti Slip Nursing Shoes

Sketchers Work D Lites: Women will like the very lightweight shoes that provide a good looking option with lots of comfort and proper foot support for the arches. Your feet and calves will not feel the fatigue as much, since they are very well made. You can womens work d lites‘>buy them under 30-60 dollars.

SIKA: You can get Birchwood Clogs in open back or closed back, depending on the policies of your hospital or personal preferences. SIKA brand isn’t cheap, with the lineup of clogs costing about $200, but they are high quality and comfortable.

Dickies: These aren’t just for Men. Women will like their lineup of slip resistant nursing shoes priced under $50. Black is readily available, but other colors can be found.

Nurse Mates: Perhaps one of the very best, you can get the Louise model pretty cheap. You’ll find a ton of options from this manufacturer well under $100, with most coming in at about 60 or $70.

Additional Options for Men or Women

You might just want to check out some of these options when you are shopping, since you’ll have good luck with many of them.

Slip Resistant Walking Shoes: Various manufacturers offer slip resistant walking shoes that might be of interest to you as you look for different options to fit your foot properly and maintain arch support and comfort.

Athletic shoes: Most major manufacturers like Ecco, Reebok, Nike, New Balance, Easy Spirit, or Adidas make athletic, cross-training, or walking shoes that are anti-skid, so they could work for you. You’ll have to find out what options they have, since only a few of their models will be skid proof. Most will have laces, so it your hospital requires clogs or slippers, it will be harder to find.

Chef Shoes: Like those working in the medical field, food service workers are on their feet for long periods of time and face slippery situations. These might work for you as you search for slip resistant nursing shoes for sale.

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