Small Business to Start Under 100 Dollars

If you are looking for a small business to start under 100 dollars, you will actually have quite a few choices. We’ve all heard the rags to riches stories out there, some of which are true. In fact, many of the rich, like Mark Cuban, a billionaire, started with nothing and built empires. While you may not want to be rich and are just looking for a chance to be your own boss or do something on the side, like I do, you will have some really good options. Let’s explore some of your options as you try to find a small business to start under 100 dollars.

Free Opportunities

While you may have a few bucks to spend, there are some decent opportunities for you to explore that are free. You can write articles online, like I do, and earn a decent side income or more. This is referred to as passive income, since you do work today and continue to get paid for it over time. You can sign up to write articles on Seekyt, which you are on now, or others like HubPages, Info Barrel, or Xomba, just to name a few. This can then springboard into fulltime work as an internet marketer. Those looking for a small business to start under 100 dollars will like this free option. For the record, I make almost as much writing online, mostly part time as I do working fulltime as a jail guard. There are good ebooks for earning money writing.

Direct Sales

There are several direct sales companies out there to explore, but you need to make sure you work with one that is reputable. Companies like Avon, Tupperware, and Herbalife all offer opportunities. While most do not make a ton, some make a nice income on the side.

Service Options

You have hundreds of these types of options, where you can start a small business under 100 dollars. Listed below are just a few of the services you may want to consider, depending on your personal skills and abilities.

Lawn Care: If you have a nice rider, you have an opportunity to earn money.

Tutoring: If you are very knowledgeable in almost any area, you could have a shoestring startup opportunity to teach others. In the world today, you can produce videos for next to nothing and post them online on a pay per view basis.

Carpentry/Odd Jobs: If you are a handyman, you may be able to start a nice company to earn money on the side. If you have the skills, it’s a small business to start under 100 dollars that may be right for you.

Online Opportunities to Explore

In addition to posting articles online, you can consider starting up virtually any type of company you want. Web hosting is not very expensive these days, so a cheap shoestring startup can happen. If you love sports, make a sports site and provide items for purchase. If you love old antiques, make a site dedicated to antiquing. There is virtually no limit for this when you try to look for a small business to start under 100 dollars.