Small Details that Count

Marketing your product is a continuous process that helps you establish and sustain your business. Thus, you know it needs constant effort and has never- ending expenditure as well. You have to find cost-effective yet top-quality tools and techniques that can give you an edge over your competitors.

Similar to your brand’s marketing needs are the overwhelming promotional avenues. There are a lot of media that you can use; this is why you have to be wise in making decisions with regards to your marketing strategies. After you’ve done your research on the tool can effectively reach your market, you also have to consider the lifespan of your chosen promotional tool; especially with printed materials such as flyers and streamers. Durability of materials is a large factor that can affect your budget in the long run.

Every small detail counts in coming up with your design and choosing materials for these prints. Take for example in vinyl banners and flyers printing; you have to consider its cost, durability and effectiveness. Here are a few suggestions in selecting raw materials:

Vinyl Banners:

  • Vinyl: Vinyl is a durable material that is used for streamers. This is a practical material for outdoor marketing and advertising. It usually has a glossy finish that enhances any promotional design. Find a vinyl banner material that does not require hemming to avoid running of the material.
  • Ink: Ink can be a tricky choice. There are a lot of ink choices. Water-based inks have a wide range of colors but fade easily. If you are going to hang your banner outside, you would want to maintain the color quality of your design. One practical type of ink to use is an eco-friendly solvent ink. Its composition sticks well to vinyl thus is called “fade-resistant” (for at least two years). According to ink manufacturers, it is eco-friendly for the reason that it does not emit harmful volatile chemical compounds. These are also scratch-resistant thus maintains the vibrant colors of your design.
  • Grommets. These are metal rings attached to the corners of a banner to make installation easier — you can attach heavy duty strings that can carry the weight of the vinyl. Grommets are usually as durable as the vinyl.


  • Paper stock or cardstock: Whether you choose paper or cardstock, consider the thickness of the material. Naturally, thicker materials don’t tear up easily. It also implies on your customers that you give importance to the quality of your promotional materials, which in turn gives a positive impression on your business.
  • Coating: Adding a coating to your paper or cardstock has a huge impact on the design of your promotional material. The two finishes can be matte or glossy. The former makes your layout elegant while the latter makes your flyer vibrant.
  • Die-cut: Although standard-shaped flyers can be effective as they are, die-cuts add appeal to them. A little creativity goes a long way in impressing your customers.

These are only examples of the little details that matter to your promotional materials. Every promotional tool has special features that you must look into to maximize its use. You would naturally want to spend effort and money on things that work and will contribute to your return on investment (ROI).