Small House & Cabin Plans Under 600 Sq Feet

Whether you are looking at adding more area to your current property or you are building a holiday cottage constructing a small cabin is a good decision. You can have a variety of small cabin plans under 600 square feet, which you can choose from as per your requirements.

If you would like to design your own personal cabin you may need to make it compact and at the same time be spacious enough to fit all your essential requirements. Cabin patterns can be simple as well as elaborate and also depends on whether you will be putting it together yourself or not.

Some of the factors that you may need to consider while building a small cabin are as follows:


The place where your cabin is located is of primary importance. This will also influence the design of the cabin in many ways. If your cabin is situated in a residential area it may need to be differently designed than a cabin that is located in the outdoors in an open environment like a wooded area. Besides, a cabin in a residential area may need the consent of the neighbors in some cases, some of whom may object to a cabin in the area.

A cabin should never be made in a lower ground or in areas where there is too much of marshy land. These areas tend to get waterlogged during the rains and can be unsafe for the structure that you build. Hence make sure that the spot where the cabin is going to be located is high and is away from any muddy area.

The material that you use for building a cabin will be crucial because it will decide the longevity of the cabin. Observe other cabins and see what materials have been used to build them. Contact local builders and get details of materials that are available in the area. It will be better to source your material locally as it would save cost for you. Most cabins are built with logs hence you may want to obtain details of log suppliers in the area.


The amount of money that you are going to spend on building your cabin will be dependent upon the size of the cabin and the materials that you are going to use. It is better to obtain quotes of all materials that are going to be used so that you can compare them and then take a decision.


Try to get blueprints of existing cabins so that you can choose the best design and features for your cabin. Make an estimate based on blueprints that you are able to get so that you can form an estimate for your own cabin.

Custom Templates

You can also get custom templates for making floor plans for your cabin. These are software based templates that are very easy to use. You can rearrange various elements and design your cabin accordingly. For example you can make layouts and place furniture using the template and decide which design you like the best.

The factors described above need to be considered while planning your cabin. If you are able to create good small cabin plans under 600 square feet you can sure of constructing a cabin that is unique and has a great design.