Small Office Phone Systems

One of the small office phone systems recommended by What to Buy for Business magazine was the entry-level OfficeServ7030 from the OfficeServ portfolio.

Small Office Phone Systems

These small office phone systems start at a measly £200 and grow to twenty users and up to eight incoming trunks.

So why did WTBFB choose the 7030 as one of their recommendations as BEST BUY small office phone systems? Probably because they have the same features-and-facilities as the whole family of OfficeServ7000’s – and that’s up to the corporate-class OfficeServ7400 that can serve as a headquarters switch. The OS7030 can be networked with any of the other platforms – 7100, 7200 or 7400 to form a network of offices, shops or divisions giving seamless transfer of calls with centralised or distributed voicemail as appropriate. Obtaining competitive small office phone systems with this class of facilities is easy, but at this price….probably not.

So the question is…where to buy small office phone systems so cheaply? Obviously the first port-of-call is the Internet. You’ll find there are many retailers of Samsung’s products, but those who specialise in the OfficeServ7000 are the ones to look at, especially those who are members of the elite Platinum Club. These dealers have to meet a number of rigorous audits on stock levels, engineer and trainer qualifications, in-house demonstration suites and comprehensive service procedures plus an excellence in sales knowledge of the product. This is practical because these resellers are the defenders of the Samsung reputation. There are only a handful of these, so by choosing wisely within your area you’ll discover a value -for-money solution for you.

The complete commercial package for small office systems is crucial. You want to be looking for quality of support including line rental and calling tariffs, maintenance, financing, and training. There’s nothing worse than having your small office phone systems installed and then not being able to use the features beneficially.

There unfortunately are high-pressure selling techniques that offer you a deal, but it’s only available if you sign up immediately. Then there are unscrupulous outfits that include call packages with the hardware lease – clearly inappropriate – but we’ve had to mop up the mess caused by such an outfit who went bust operating in these lines….loads of unhappy people! Be sure what’s being sold is not ‘too good an opportunity to miss!’ It rarely is. Double check using the World-Wide-Web that what’s being offered is ‘Kosher’.

Consultants can be a sensible route into direct dial phone systems, but in reality, they are employed for national networks and large-scale implementations. You’ll get free consultation advice that’s unbiased from us. Our pledge is not to sell you something you don’t require.