Small Salt Lake Weddings; Wedding Planning in Salt Lake City

The reason we are posting this article is because wedding planning is different for everyone. Some people prefer getaway weddings, some prefer large weddings and some prefer a nice cozy small wedding. In the following paragraphs we will share wedding planning pointers for those of you who are planning a small wedding.
First I will mention a common problem with having a small wedding. I often hear of weddings that are intended to be small and are no longer small by the time the Wedding in Salt Lake actually happens. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes a bride will invite all of her closest friends. Once the word gets out about the wedding people start asking when the wedding is. The bride then invites these people so they won’t feel bad for not being invited.
It is very common for a small wedding to turn out big due to the fact that people sometimes show up uninvited. When these individuals hear that a friend is getting married, they find out when and where and show up to surprise them. These unexpected guests can bring problems. You can over fill a venue or even run out of food.
There are a few ways to avoid these problems. My first suggestion might be the most important. Do not hide your wedding from anyone. Keeping your wedding “on the down low” or a secret is not the way to go about planning. People will always find out about your wedding and if they aren’t invited they will feel bad.
Instead of hiding your wedding, tell the truth. Tell everyone that you are getting married and prefer a small wedding so you are only inviting family members. This is much more effective. Use Facebook and other social media sites to spread the word. Social media is one of the fastest ways to share good news.
If you are planning a small wedding be careful with your invites. If you invite a few friends someone might feel left out. It is smart to draw the line at family. If you invite family only you will completely avoid making friends feel bad.
Many individuals who have small Salt Lake Weddings hold a large celebration party or open house. I am not saying you have to do this but it is fun and effective. This is where you can invite everyone you know. You don’t even necessarily have to feed your guests. If you call it an open house you don’t have to spend as much throwing the party. You can have the party in a local church or even at home.
I hope these suggestions have helped. We are very happy you have decided to get married and wish you the best as you plan your wedding. Make sure you enjoy this experience.