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Small Space Efficiency Apartment Living


Small Space Efficiency Apartment Living

You’ve just rented an efficiency apartment for yourself, or for you and your partner. How can you make an efficiency work for you, if you want a sleeping area, and a dining area, and a small living room? With a little work and some good furniture choices, you can turn a small space efficiency apartment into a comfortable unit that will accommodate your needs. Good furniture choices include multipurpose furniture units with storage. Organization is the key to successful efficiency apartment living. Room dividers and area rugs can be used to designate various areas within your efficiency living unit. These, along with some pieces of furniture, can be used to section the space you have available for your living needs. Room dividers with shelves add the extra advantage of storage space. You’ll most likely want to at least divide off the area used to sleeping. The first step is to figure out how you want to design the layout of each area. The living room/dining room area will probably be closer to the front door, the bedroom area the furthest away from the front entrance to your unit.

If you purchase a loft bed, with a built in desk and dresser with drawers and cabinets, you’ll have all your bedroom needs in one. This can be placed against a wall, with a room divider to separate your sleeping space from the rest of the room. The built in dresser and cabinet provides storage for clothes and the desk can be used for your computer area. Even if these are not built in, by purchasing a loft bed this furniture can easily be added underneath without taking up additional precious space. A fold out bed can work also in an efficiency apartment, especially if other furniture is folding, such as tables and chairs. When the bed is folded up, a table could be unfolded in the same area, with a few chairs added, to make an eating area. Furniture on wheels is another good choice for an efficiency apartment. Being able to easily move tables and chairs or small drawers around makes it possible to arrange and rearrange areas differently according to your needs. A large bookcase can make an excellent room divider.

If space is really small, perhaps a futon is the answer. A futon can serve as a couch during the day; a bed at night. This can be practical if you are used to having guests over. Folding chairs are great to have for other guests – they can just be folded and stacked against a wall when not in use. Learn how to stack and organize other items in your small space efficiency apartment. This can save a bit of space. Use stacking chairs and tables. These can be taken down as needed then stacked up against a wall later. Wall hooks are great for hanging items. Use hanging baskets for other small item storage. Shelves will also keep items off the floor, offering more floor space for your needs.

With a bit of thought and organization, plus the right furniture along with it’s arrangement, you can make your small space efficiency apartment work for you.

Small Space Efficiency Apartment Living
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