Smart Check List for a Summer Trip to London

A visit to London can be exciting for so many reasons. But in the run up to the trip as you take out time for planning your check list always accord a high priority to the weather as a factor to reckon with.

London weather can be unpredictable at times. So being prepared for all climatic situations will keep the trip steady.

All Activities

Do keep a few sets of warm clothes or layers while packing whether it is summer or winter.
The check list for packing should do justice to all activities—

• Travel through towns and cities and rural areas

• Walking

• Hiking

• Casual nights out

• Partying

• Swimming

The stock of clothes should last at least a week without any laundry. If you are planning a summer travel to London take care of the following things.


Pack a good number of jeans as they are comfortable for all seasons and perfect for night out. Keep a few non-denim trousers as they will dry out more quickly.

Long-sleeved T-shirts will keep you warm in winter and avoid the sun in summer.

Main Items

Tank tops can offer better layering in winter as well as summer.

• Everyday T-shirts

• Fleece.

• Smart Top

• Socks.

• Waterproof jacket

• Shorts – for exploring by day

• Cardigan – to cover up on cool nights

• Walking shoes

• Flat boots

• A pair of sandals


You can buy toiletries from chemists and supermarkets. The list can have

• Shampoo

• Conditioner

• Soap

• Shower gel

• Toothbrush

• Toothpaste

• Moisturiser

• Deodorant

• Razor

• Hairbrush and hair bands

• Sanitary products

• Basic medical kit for painkillers and plasters


A London Packing List will be incomplete without gadgets. Bring adaptor plugs as the UK has its own 3-pin plugs. Adaptors from other parts of the world will not work there. Having a voltage adaptor for electrical goods will be very good.

The essentials gadgets can be

• iPod

• Music player

• Camera with a download cable and memory stick to back up

• Smartphone


Among the essential stuff count on the

• Umbrella

• Hairdryer

Travel Cards

To make the travel cheaper within the London city make sure to get an Oyster card and Tube map. You can pick up the Tube maps from all underground stations.

Staying In London

Bear in mind that the big city of London has accommodation suiting for all budgets. But the new trend is to enjoy a home like stay at Serviced Studio Apartments in London, which are located near swank locations like Hyde Park or Kensington with best of facilities including equipped kitchens and gyms. Staying in a serviced apartment also means you can save at least 30 percent in costs compared to putting up in an expensive hotel.