Smart Goal Examples for Work

Smart goals tend to outline the appropriate measures and procedures that should be conformed to, so as to either achieve or exceed a certain goal. The following are some examples of smart goals for work (particularly sample cases for secretaries) but they can be easily applied to most people’s aspect of work:

1. An example of smart goals for secretaries is to always be a team player while working with fellow staff members. This includes making a contribution and helping coworkers who are in the same team. She must not differentiate between members of the team of which she is a part of.

2. Aim at minimum supervision if it is required. This subsequently helps them create a foundation for admirable work ethics that is portrayed in the activities and the jobs that they partake. Making minimal errors and making independent decisions when required are part of this goal. There should be no need for her superiors to check her work frequently to see whether she is doing things right.

3. Another example of a smart goal that secretaries should adopt is ensuring that they are always professional and avoid acts like embezzlement and corruption. Secretaries of influential and powerful people can be often lured to compromise on their integrity. This is something that a secretary should always be mindful of.

4. An important smart goal for secretaries is always ensuring that their job or output is of highest quality, serves the needs of those who require it and has been written within the set deadline or the stipulated amount of time. She should be able to maintain high quality with consistency and minimum assistance.

5. Another important goal for secretaries is to always be in the quest of becoming the best employee in the organization so that other people can look up to and always strive to emulate. They should therefore bear in mind that this is essential for the measurement of job performance and the assessment of promotions to be accorded and the salary increments to be awarded.

6. Smart goals also include always ensuring that they are reading and learning new things so that they can always stay on top of the game in the context of their job description and employment levels. This will involve learning the current secretarial trends and the latest requirements for secretaries as all these are variables that change with time.

7. Another example of smart goals for secretaries is to always ensure that they exceed the recommended speed of forty words per minute while typing so as to advance their professionalism by increasing the intensity of the work done. The speed of typing words must also be accompanied by consistent quality without which high speed is of no use.

Additionally, secretaries ought to review their goals from time to time so as to ensure that they reflect or are in accordance with the current responsibilities that basically strive in improving the future and creating a better and enabling work environment. It is imperative for the secretaries to ensure that the goals set in place are achievable and are time bound so that it can act as benchmarks that will be used to measure their progress and improve themselves.

Each example of smart goals for secretaries must be followed by actions that will ensure that these goals are met or exceeded by them.